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Image shows four model horses (Breyer Traditional horses) wearing hand-made horse blankets in various fabric patterns. They are posed in a snow scene with a country background and blue sky. Overlay says, "Emily Teapot's 4 Blanket Giveaway".
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My regular followers know that I design doll clothes and sometimes give away my handmade creations here on ChellyWood.com, but did you know that I passed my talent for miniatures on to my daughter, Emily? Although she’s only 16 years old, Emily Teapot designs and makes her own blankets, saddles, halters, and more to fit Breyer® model horses.

To raise money for college, Emily has been selling her model horse creations on Etsy, but she has recently gotten a weekend job. So she wants to close out her Etsy store. To promote her close-out sales, she’s doing a sweepstakes giveaway.

My daughter is giving away the four blankets pictured above to one winner. (This giveaway does not include the horses displaying the blankets). To win these blankets, please do one or more of the following:

  1. Favorite Emily’s Etsy store and leave a comment with your Etsy username below this blog post.
  2. Favorite one of Emily’s listings on Etsy and comment with your Etsy username below.
  3. Follow Emily’s Instagram account and re-post this giveaway with the hashtag #emilyteapot23blanketgiveaway, and comment with your Instagram account below. (You also need to include which method you used in your comment–1, 2, or 3–for your submission to be valid.)

Anyone who buys a saddle set from Emily’s Etsy store will be entered in the sweepstakes, but of course, no purchase is necessary. You can do any of the three things above to win. You may also submit a sweepstakes entry via e-mail by using the submit a question button in the top menu bar on this page. In your email submission, please state the following: “I want to win the four Breyer® blankets.”


Entering the sweepstakes indicates that you have read the “Disclaimers and Rules” as stated below, and you agree to abide by them. This sweepstakes ends at 10 o’clock AM on February 4, 2017 MST (Mountain Standard Time).


Disclaimers and Rules:


No purchase necessary. All entries have the same chance of winning, which is based on the total number of entries. Multiple entries do not increase your chances of winning, nor do additional methods of promoting this sweepstakes. Sweepstakes begins on January 6 2017 at 12:20 PM Mountain Standard Time (it was first posted on Instagram). You must be 18 years of age or older, as of January 6, 2017, in order to enter. If you are underage, please have a parent or guardian who is 18 or older enter for you. This sweepstakes is sponsored by the tackmaker, Emily Teapot.


Questions, comments, or concerns should be sent via email in the submit a question area of chellywood.com. Once the winner of the sweepstakes has been announced on Emily’s Instagram and ChellyWood.com, the winner needs to contact Emily or myself (Chelly Wood) on chellywood.com by submitting a question within 30 days after the winner has been announced or the giveaway will be re-posted and the winner will be disqualified.

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  1. Please enter me in your giveaway! I’m doing all three, Etsy username Heather Bastianelli

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