Interview With Marilyn Clarkin of Pixie Faire (18″ Doll Clothing Designer)

Image of 18" doll wearing handmade overalls with daisy-patterned short-sleeve shirt and hair bandana to match daisy-print shirt. Overlay says "" (pronounced cutie pie patterns dot com)

As many of you know, I like to interview other crafters from time to time, and today I’m interviewing Marilyn Clarkin of QTπ Doll Clothing:

1. How did you get started in the doll clothes industry?
As a little girl I loved dolls, but really didn’t start sewing for them until much later in life. My youngest daughter received a Madame Alexander 18” doll for Christmas in 2010. She loved Luna so much, but in Canada the clothes were not available. I began sewing for Luna, and I was hooked. 
2. If you had to pick three items that you couldn’t live without as a seamstress, what would they be and why?
That is hard to scale down to three, but I would have to say; 
  • ¼” two-sided quilters tape – I use it to secure zippers, Velcro®, pockets and so many other things in place when pins can be cumbersome. 
  • Frixon Pens – I use them for marking notches, button placement and whatever else needs marking. If the markings can be seen on the finished garment, I always test the fabric because it can fade the fabric where marked.
  • 28mm Rotary cutter and self healing mat – I keep two rotary cutters on hand; one is for fabric, and one is for cutting paper patterns. Once the fabric one is dull, then I save it for cutting paper. I find that cutting with a rotary cutter saves so much time. 
3. What type of closures do you prefer… zippers, snaps, buttons, hook-and-eye, Velcro, or something else?
I LOVE ZIPPERS!!! I also use snaps and hook-and-eyes a lot too. I use Velcro® as well because it is hard to avoid in doll clothes, but I always use ultra thin Velcro®. My machine does not like really small buttons, so I tend to shy away from them. 
4. How do you choose embellishments for your garments?
I would have to say my style is a little more plain and everyday, but I really look at current trends in stores and online. I currently am sewing with a lot of lace because it is very popular. When choosing any embellishment size, it is really important to me because I really strive to make my garments look like someone took a shrink ray and shrunk human garments. 
Well, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions this week, Marilyn!
Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed for your blog.
You can find Marilyn at the following online links:

4 thoughts on “Interview With Marilyn Clarkin of Pixie Faire (18″ Doll Clothing Designer)

  1. i really wish to have this kind of clothes for my AG Grace thomas… Do you have any free pattern of jumper pants, jumper short or jumper skirt?

    1. Right now, I only offer one free, printable pattern set for 18″ dolls. It’s what I call a “Swedish Traditional Costume,” based on the traditional clothes of the people of Dalarna, Sweden. Here’s a link to that set of patterns:

      But I do plan to make more 18″ doll clothes patterns as time allows. So it wouldn’t hurt to follow or my YouTube channel, to see those patterns and tutorials when I get them made. Here’s a link to my playlist of free 18″ doll clothes tutorials:

    1. Hi Donna. Thanks for the comment, but I think your comment is meant for Marilyn Clarkin of Pixie Faire. It might be wise to contact her through the Pixie Faire website. Sorry I can’t be more help to you.

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