Image of African American Fashionista Curvy Barbie from Mattel, posing in a yellow dress with a high-low skirt overlapped in filmy tulle. She poses with one hand in her hair and the other against the skirt's folds. Overlay says, " Free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

I’ve created a pattern for #Fashionista #CurvyBarbie™!

Yessss! Here it is! I’ve finally created a dress pattern that fits Mattel’s new Curvy Barbie™ from the Fashionista line. Incidentally, it also fits my vintage Tammy Doll from Ideal: Doesn’t she look cute in that modern-style dress? I’d like to thank Marsha for inspiring the high-low skirt on this doll. She’s a Facebook friend of mine who asked me if I’d ever designed a … Continue reading I’ve created a pattern for #Fashionista #CurvyBarbie™!