Image of Momoko Doll in Renaissance ball gown, standing in front of the Palace at Verseille, with a bust before her. She wears a Pilgrim-like bonnet and an elegant lace shift as well as the elegant over-dress which has been embellished with gold braided ribbons and rick-rack. Overlay says, "Chelly Wood Dot Com. Free printable Sewing patterns for dolls and free tutorials."

Sew 2 Dresses for #Momoko Dolls @ #MomokoPh

This week I’m going to show you how to make two “dresses” for Momoko dolls. Momoko is a highly articulated, gorgeous doll, made my the Sekiguchi company of Japan. She’s not usually a “play with” doll, but more of a woman’s collectible doll, having a price tag of a hundred American dollars on up (that’s approximately 1100 yen or 89 euros). If you’re thinking about … Continue reading Sew 2 Dresses for #Momoko Dolls @ #MomokoPh

Image of printable sewing pattern for a Renaissance-style cap or Pilgrim bonnet to fit Momoko or Barbie Dolls (trademark implied). Image includes an overlay that says, "Sew a Renaissance Cap for 11-inch fashion dolls" and watermark image says chelly wood dot com free doll clothes patterns and tutorials" and there's also an image of a Momoko doll wearing a red-and-gold Renaissance gown with laced-up bodice and red Pilgrim-style bonnet edged in red lace.

FREE #MomokoDoll Bonnet Pattern #モモコドール

  Yesterday I showed a preview of this lovely Pilgrim-style Renaissance bonnet for fashion dolls. Today I’m offering the free, printable pattern for it. Tomorrow I’ll show the video that accompanies this pattern. This hat was designed for Momoko™ to wear in Act V of my stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. To learn more about my Romeo and Juliet movie, visit my YouTube channel. Please … Continue reading FREE #MomokoDoll Bonnet Pattern #モモコドール

Image of sewing pattern with overlapping words, "Free pattern for doll flats: search ChellyWood1 on Youtube for the accompanying free tutorial video; this pattern fits lots of flat-footed dolls like Liv Dolls, Momoko, Blythe, skipper, etc..."

Free Pattern for #LivDoll and #MomokoDoll Shoes @ #DollPhotography

Here’s my pattern for doll shoes. This is a pattern for a basic flat (no-heel) shoe, which fits a number of flat-footed dolls like Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company (Japan), Liv Dolls by Spin Master, Mattel’s Skipper, and the new Tall Barbie from Mattel. I’ve been very happy with how this shoe turned out, and I’ve actually made three pairs in the past couple of … Continue reading Free Pattern for #LivDoll and #MomokoDoll Shoes @ #DollPhotography