Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows a gallery of photos. In each photo a Spin Master Liv Doll models handmade clothes. There's a long-sleeved dress made of candy corn print, a yellow summer top with matching ruffled short skirt, a pair of pants with a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of pants with a short-sleeved shirt, a pencil-skirt dress, a pair of Liv Doll sized shoes, an apron with pockets, a hairdresser's smock, a raglan sleeved tee shirt, and a pair of capri pants. The watermark on all of these images says " free patterns and tutorials" indicating that you can find free printable sewing patterns for all of these doll clothes at the website

Free Sewing Patterns for Female Spin Master Liv Dolls (Gallery)

Please click on the doll clothes you would like to make. Not what you’re looking for? Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes in doll clothing design techniques, so you can design your own doll clothes for your dolls, using simple techniques, household tools, and your amazing imagination! Click on this link to learn more about my paid courses on the Creative Spark Online Learning platform. If you would like … Continue reading Free Sewing Patterns for Female Spin Master Liv Dolls (Gallery)

Here we see a Barbie wearing a handmade sun dress with a ribbon that ties around the neck to hold the bodice up. The dress is made of beautiful, vibrant blue fabric with floral embroidery or an embroidery-style print on the fabric. To get to the free pattern for making this dress, please click on the link in the caption.

Easy (and FREE) #sewing tutorial for making #fashionDoll #dresses @

If you stumbled at this website, hoping to find some easy-to-sew patterns and tutorials for fashion doll clothes, let me say that you’ve come to the right place! I actually designed this halter-style dress for my cousin’s little girl to sew. She was only 11 years old at the time, and she was pretty new to sewing. So I designed this pattern to be as … Continue reading Easy (and FREE) #sewing tutorial for making #fashionDoll #dresses @

Image of Liv Doll wearing comfy, handmade raglan-sleeved T-shirt. Overlay of words say "Liv Doll FREE Tee Shirt pattern and Tutorial"

DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram

So far, I’ve only made a few Liv Doll clothes patterns, but eventually there will be more to come. Right now, I’m excited about designing doll clothes for Mattel’s new “Tall Barbie,” “Petite Barbie,” and “Curvy Barbie.” So next week, you can look forward to whatever great patterns and tutorials I come up with! But for now, please enjoy this tutorial, which shows you how … Continue reading DIY Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt Tutorial for #LivDolls @ #Dollstagram

Sewing pattern for doll-sized T-shirt, fits Blythe, Momoko Dolls, Skipper, and Liv Dolls

Sew a Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt for your #LivDoll w/a FREE pattern @ #dolls

I have owned Liv Dolls for a while, but this is the first clothing pattern I’ve ever made specifically to fit Liv Dolls. It turned out pretty good, though, if you go back to look at the image I posted on Monday (also shown on the pattern itself). And yes, I’d like to make more Liv Doll clothes patterns, but right now, there’s quite a … Continue reading Sew a Raglan-Sleeve #Tshirt for your #LivDoll w/a FREE pattern @ #dolls

Image of doll feet wearing handmade shoes with overlapping words: Doll Shoes FREE Pattern and Tutorial

DIY #Dolls’ Shoes Tutorial from fits #TallBarbie #TheDollEvolves

Yesterday I shared the pattern for making these flat shoes, and today I’m offering the free tutorial video, showing you exactly how to make these cute shoes which fit lots of fashion dolls, including Momoko, Tall Barbie, Skipper, and Liv Dolls. Need help printing my patterns? This link will take you to a tutorial showing you how to download my free, printable patterns. If you’re … Continue reading DIY #Dolls’ Shoes Tutorial from fits #TallBarbie #TheDollEvolves

Image of sewing pattern with overlapping words, "Free pattern for doll flats: search ChellyWood1 on Youtube for the accompanying free tutorial video; this pattern fits lots of flat-footed dolls like Liv Dolls, Momoko, Blythe, skipper, etc..."

Free Pattern for #LivDoll and #MomokoDoll Shoes @ #DollPhotography

Here’s my pattern for doll shoes. This is a pattern for a basic flat (no-heel) shoe, which fits a number of flat-footed dolls like Momoko Doll from Sekiguchi company (Japan), Liv Dolls by Spin Master, Mattel’s Skipper, and the new Tall Barbie from Mattel. I’ve been very happy with how this shoe turned out, and I’ve actually made three pairs in the past couple of … Continue reading Free Pattern for #LivDoll and #MomokoDoll Shoes @ #DollPhotography

Images of two Barbie dolls and one Liv doll wearing pretty red dresses for Valentine's day. Overlapping URL says " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials"

Preview of Upcoming #ValentinesDay #DollDress Tutorial w/ Free Pattern from #DollStagram

Last week I gave you the free patterns and tutorial you would need to make the dress on the left. This week we’ll use the same two patterns to create the dresses on the right and in the middle. For these dresses, you’ll need the pencil skirt pattern and the flouncy skirt pattern. (Use those links to help you get the patterns you need.) On … Continue reading Preview of Upcoming #ValentinesDay #DollDress Tutorial w/ Free Pattern from #DollStagram