The image shows someone doing needlework in a hoop with three skeins of embroidery floss beside them, in the colors blue (top), green (center), and red (bottom). The words at the top of the purple-background-square frame say, "how to thread an embroidery needle" and these words are, indeed, underlined with an embroidery needle.

How to Thread an Embroidery Needle Tutorial Video From #EasterCrafts #DollClothesPatterns

I made this video in 2015, and my records show that it was first posted here, on, on 12 November 2015. For those of you who know me in real life, that’s why I look so much younger in this video! For those of you who just started to follow this website, don’t worry! The quality of my videos has gotten better over time! … Continue reading How to Thread an Embroidery Needle Tutorial Video From #EasterCrafts #DollClothesPatterns

Click on the link above for the tutorial video. This image shows a needle with embroidery floss "dancing" through the eye of the needle easily. The overlay says, "How to Thread an Embroidery Needle" and the tutorial video is found at

How to #Thread an #Embroidery Needle Tutorial Video From #Crafty

The next part of our Swedish traditional costume is the neckerchief. (I’ll be posting the free pattern next week.) I embroidered mine with little flowers, so I’m going to share a few embroidery videos and tips with you, so you can make a neckerchief like mine, if you so desire. If you like my free patterns and tutorials, please show your appreciation by doing one of … Continue reading How to #Thread an #Embroidery Needle Tutorial Video From #Crafty

Visual includes two embroidery spools with thread on them; words say, "How to keep embroidery floss from tangling."

How to Keep #Embroidery Floss From Tangling @ #Needlework #Stitchery

Yes, those of you who already love to embroider will think this is ridiculously simple, but for a person just learning to embroider, the tangling of embroidery floss can be very frustrating. This is the simple solution to that problem. Remember that my embroidery tutorial series is leading up to the creation of the Swedish pocket-purse. While you wait for the Swedish pocket-purse tutorial, if … Continue reading How to Keep #Embroidery Floss From Tangling @ #Needlework #Stitchery