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I’m wrapping up my Romeo and Juliet posts with a feature on Romeo’s costume this week. As my regular followers know, I’m making a stop-motion film of Romeo and Juliet, using dolls as the actors. My Texas A&M Ken will be playing Romeo, and for him, I’ve designed a romantic cavalier costume, as shown below.

Image of articulated Ken doll dressed in Cavalier hat, boots, doublet, and bi-colored trousers. Sleeves have laced arms.
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This week’s posts will include a brand new pattern for the cavalier boots and hat, as well as tutorials for making each of them. To make Romeo’s trousers, use this bi-colored pants pattern and follow this “Romeo’s pants” sewing tutorial.

To make his romantic shirt, use this wonderful pattern for a romantic shirt and follow this tutorial for sewing a romantic shirt. (I adore that shirt pattern; it reminds me of the guys on the covers of Harlequin romance novels!)

This is the pattern for Romeo’s Renaissance-style doublet (the jacket or vest with sleeves), and this tutorial will show you how to make his Renaissance doublet. However I must warn you, this particular jacket is not for the faint of heart! It’s a difficult pattern to piece together if you’re new to sewing. Therefore, if you’d like an alternative that’s easier to make, check out the link to the prince’s costume. That tunic is a far easier design to follow.

Later this week, I’ll be posting brand new patterns and tutorials for making Romeo’s boots and cavalier hat, and that should complete Romeo’s costume from head to toe!

As you may recall, you must enlarge my patterns to fit a full-sized piece of computer paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 216 x 279 mm) before printing. My designs use a 1/4 inch seam (standard for fashion doll sewing projects). If you have any questions about piecing this costume together, feel free to contact me, using my “Submit a Question” form. I’m always happy to help!

And don’t forget: if you go back to this post, you can sign up for a free summer wardrobe for Barbie-sized dolls, handmade by yours truly. There’s no catch. I just want people to know about my website; that’s all. So when you print my patterns, it’s always friendly and kind to like it on FB, tweet about it, and/or pin it to your Pinterest page. That way you’re helping to spread the word that these free, printable sewing patterns exist.

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