Who Will Play #FriarLaurence in #Shakespeare’s #RomeoAndJuliet?

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the costume components used by Texas A&M Ken, who will be playing Romeo in my upcoming YouTube version of Romeo and Juliet. We also looked at Momoko’s costume in great detail. This week I want to focus on the minor characters.

So here’s another Texas A&M Ken, who will be playing Friar Laurence in the stop-motion video that my daughters and I continue to produce for my YouTube channel. Friar Laurence’s costume has three pieces: the robe (pattern 1 and pattern 2), the hood, and the “Jesus sandals.” Check out those links for the patterns, and visit my YouTube channel to see the video tutorials that will show you how to piece together the hood and the robe.

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Image of African American Ken doll dressed as Friar Laurence from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
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