Image shows Texas A and M Ken doll dressed as Friar Laurence in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He wears a hooded robe and sandals. He stands in an Italian garden with a cobble-stone path behind him and a small topiary nearby. Caption reads "Chelly Wood dot come for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

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By the heading I’ve chosen, you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that the costume I designed for my Friar Laurence to wear in the stop-motion video I’m producing of Romeo and Juliet is quite popular with Sunday School teachers. I guess they use it to make costumes for Father Christmas, Jesus, holiday angels, and various Bible characters. I’ve received a number of emails … Continue reading #Medieval monk or #SundaySchool character #DIY project w/free pattern @

Image of Black doll dressed in wooly wig and wearing a medieval friar's costume, complete with medieval hood, rope sandals, and rosary.

FREE #Bible character or #StPatrick doll clothes pattern fits #KenDoll @

  Would you like to make a monk’s habit, St. Patrick-style costume, or biblical character’s costume for one of your Ken dolls? This is just the pattern for it! As many of my regular followers know, I’m making a stop-motion video of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Barbie, Ken, and some other dolls. My website, offers free sewing patterns for each of the costumes … Continue reading FREE #Bible character or #StPatrick doll clothes pattern fits #KenDoll @