Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is an image of a pattern for a doll's pinafore dress. The overlay says, "" and explains that the dress pattern fits most 11.5 inch fashion dolls.

Free Dress Patterns for #FashionDolls @ #Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going through some of my older patterns and re-designing them. The pattern above was originally posted in January of 2015, I believe. As I go through these older patterns, I’m focusing on improving them a bit. Here’s what I mean: They now have better instructions (like seam allowances). They now tell the difficulty level of the pattern. They include the … Continue reading Free Dress Patterns for #FashionDolls @ #Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet

Image of Tammy doll in black dress with harlequin pinafore (renaissance style)

#Vintage Tammy Doll in #RomeoandJuliet #StopMotion Video

Here’s a picture of my Tammy doll all dressed up for her role as an extra in my upcoming dolly version of Romeo and Juliet. This week I’ll be posting a free pattern, so you can sew your Tammy doll a dress too. I’ll also show you how to make the dress, the pinafore, and the snood, during this week’s posts. But best of all, I’ll … Continue reading #Vintage Tammy Doll in #RomeoandJuliet #StopMotion Video

Sew Pants for Ken dolls (image of ken doll wearing mustard-colored pants)

How to #Sew Pants With an Elastic Waist for Ken #Dolls

Once again, we’ll be using the Romeo pants pattern with this tutorial, but you don’t need the “Trousers Inlay” piece at all. You will, however, need a small piece of very narrow elastic and a safety pin. Remember to enlarge the pattern to fit a regular-sized piece of printer paper before you print it. Also, it’s very thoughtful if you’d pin, like, or tweet about … Continue reading How to #Sew Pants With an Elastic Waist for Ken #Dolls

Image of Ken doll dressed as Romeo from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with overlay of words "Sewing Tutorial: make a romantic Renaissance doublet for Ken"

Need #Romantic Romeo Pants for Your Next #Dollstagram? Here’s the #Pattern:

Yep. Here’s the pattern I’ll be using for my Romeo (Texas A&M Ken) on the set of my YouTube production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. And in case you missed it last week, I’m also showing you the tutorial that demonstrates how to make those romantic britches. Please show your appreciation by liking, pinning, or tweeting about it. Thanks! Continue reading Need #Romantic Romeo Pants for Your Next #Dollstagram? Here’s the #Pattern: