Header for Sewing Tutorial entitled "How to Make a Doll's Shirt" (found on YouTube)

Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Earlier this week I introduced you to the World of Love doll named Soul, and I explained how she will be playing Benvolio in the upcoming stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. On Wednesday, I shared my pattern for Benvolio’s shirt and pants. I also offered links to the vest, hat, and boots patterns. Today I’m going to hook you up with the video tutorials that … Continue reading Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Image of horse rearing behind a sign that says, "Breyer Saddle Western by Emily Teapot"

How to Make #Miniature Saddles for #Breyer #Horses

My teenage daughter, who goes by the online pseudonym of Emily Teapot, makes gorgeous miniature saddles for her Breyer Horses. She put together her first tutorial for YouTube, and it looks so professional, you’d never know she was only 14 years old! By summer, we’re hoping to have an Etsy store running, where she’ll be able to sell her home-made Breyer tack and saddles. She’s … Continue reading How to Make #Miniature Saddles for #Breyer #Horses

Image of Momoko doll with hand extended below a Breyer horse's muzzle

#MomokoDoll Plays Juliet in Upcoming R&J Production #azonejp #DollShow

This picture has already appeared in various online venues. I’ve got it on my Flickr page, my FB page, and my Pinterest page, and it seems to warrant quite a few hits and likes. So this week I’m going to show you how to sew Momoko Doll’s dress for my upcoming Romeo and Juliet YouTube project. I’ve already shown you how to sew her shift … Continue reading #MomokoDoll Plays Juliet in Upcoming R&J Production #azonejp #DollShow