How to #Sew a Prince’s #Costume for a Ken #Doll

This week I’m going to show you how to sew the following Prince’s costume for Ken:

Image of Ken (Ryan) doll in a prince costume with fancy jacket, trousers, boots, sword, and sword belt
Image: This costume is my own creation. Feel free to pin it, like it, post about it, etc…

Tomorrow I’ll post the printable pattern. Then, on Wednesday, I’ll post a video showing how to make the jacket. On Thursday (the Thanksgiving holiday in the US), I’ll post a tutorial showing how to make the trousers.

Once in a while, folks say they’re having trouble downloading my patterns. If you ever have a tough time downloading and/or printing my patterns, just send me a message through my “Submit a Question” button. I’d be happy to send you my patterns directly via e-mail. 🙂

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