1st #Pattern for #Barbies #Princess Dress

Yesterday I posted an image of how the final princess dress will look once you sew it. Today I’m posting the free pattern, which you are welcome to download and print. (Let me know if you need it changed to a different format like PDF, by simply filling out my “Submit a Question” page.) All I ask in return for this free pattern is that you help promote my website by liking this on Facebook, pinning the image to your Pinterest page, and/or tweeting about these free doll clothes patterns.

Pattern Image for the Bodice of a Princess Dress for Dolls
Image: My Own Creation — Please feel free to download but also promote via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…

Remember, when you download this, try to enlarge it to the size of a regular sheet of printer paper (8 1/2 by 11 inches or 216 mm by 279 mm). That way, you can be sure the clothes will fit the doll. It needs to be extended to the exact size of a sheet of computer printer paper.

This pattern is for the bodice portion only. Tomorrow I’ll be printing the skirt pattern.

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