#Printable #Sewing Pattern for Barbie Pinafore

Here’s my pattern for a pinafore that fits Barbie. I suppose you could shrink it down a bit to fit Momoko dolls as well. All I asks in return is that you like it, tweet about it, pin it, and/or use other social media to share it with friends!

When you download this, it’s important that you understand the pattern must be printed as a full-sized sheet of paper. So you might have to paste the image into Microsoft Word (or a similar word processing program) and enlarge it to fit the whole page. Otherwise, the pattern may not fit your doll, if you print it too small. It needs to be printed in the size of a piece of computer paper.

Stop by tomorrow to see the video tutorial that goes with this pattern.

Pattern for Barbie-sized doll's pinafore printable and downloadable for sewing projects
Enlarge to fit a full sheet of paper before printing.

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