Basic Barbie Doll Skirt Pattern to #Sew #Quinceañera Dress or Wedding Dress

This week I’m showing everyone how to sew a quinceañera or wedding dress for Barbie dolls. Here’s the pattern I made for the skirt portion of this design. It’s free for you to download, print, and sew.

When you download this printable pattern, make sure you enlarge it to fit a piece of computer paper before you print it. That way you can be sure it really fits your Barbie doll.

If you chose to download this pattern, all I ask is that you like it on Facebook, tweet about it, blog about it, pin it to your Pinterest page, or share it in some way. And please watch for the upcoming tutorial. It takes me a day or two to create a tutorial, so be patient. It’s coming!

Pattern to Sew Barbie Doll Skirt
Image: My Own Pattern for a Barbie Doll’s Skirt

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