#Quinceañera Dress or Wedding Dress to #Sew for Barbie Dolls (Free Pattern and Tutorial)

This week I’m going to show you how to make the following quinceañera or wedding dress for Barbie dolls. My plan is to show you the basic image today, offer the patterns tomorrow and Wednesday, and then show a video tutorial about how to sew the quinceañera or wedding dress either Thursday or Friday. (The videos take a while to make, so it may be Friday before I’ve got it done and posted.)

So if you like this lovely quinceañera dress for Barbie dolls, follow me on Twitter or follow my blog, and you will be able to download my free patterns and create your own version of the Barbie quinceañera dress you see below:

Image of Barbie doll in a Quinceañera Dress
Quinceañera Dress

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