Here’s the #FriarLawrence Theatrical #Costume that I Made for My #Texas A&M Ken Doll!

Image of Ken doll dressed as a monk
Image: My Own Creation

Oh my gosh! I had so much fun taking pictures of Ken in his Friar Lawrence costume! I ended up deleting a bunch of them because it’s ridiculous to keep fifty pics of the same doll! This Friar Lawrence is truly photogenic!

Tomorrow I’m going to post the pattern and tutorial for making Friar Lawrence’s clever sandals. They sort of look like Jesus’ sandals, don’t you think?

One of my cousins asked me on FB where I got this Ken doll. He’s a Texas A&M doll, and he’s jointed all over the place. Since Friar Lawrence is such an important character in my upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet with dolls, I thought it was important to have a highly flexible doll for this part. So Texas A&M Ken was a shoe-in for the role of Friar Lawrence.

I’m going to be giving away all of these costumes, once the filming of Romeo and Juliet is done. This promotional event will coincide with the release of my YA book, which so far, has the title Sunkist Sodas. (We’re in talks with Snapple right now to see if we can use that name.)  So to help me promote my free, downloadable patterns and easy tutorials (along with my upcoming book), please pin, like, and tweet about my contests and doll costumes. Your help is very much appreciated!

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