Want to Win #FreeStuff? I’ll be giving away my home-made #dollclothes after filming #RomeoandJuliet!

World of Love Soul Doll Dressed as Benvolio for Romeo and Juliet
Image: My Own Design

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my daughters and I have been designing sets, costumes, props, and more for an up-coming production of Romeo and Juliet with Barbie dolls (and similar sized dolls). Today I’m bragging about the costume I made for my World of Love “Soul” doll. She’ll be playing the role of Romeo’s close kinsman, Benvolio.

I realize Soul (from Hasbro’s World of Love) is a female doll, but doesn’t she make a cute Benvolio? I just adore her in this Renaissance costume with bi-colored pants.

Once we finish filming Romeo and Juliet, I’ll be giving away all of the clothes I’ve made, including this cute costume for Benvolio. It doesn’t fit Skipper dolls, but I have made a number of doll clothes to fit Barbies. Those will be given away too.

Meanwhile, to show your appreciation for my site, with all its free doll clothes patterns, tutorials, and giveaways, please pin images of my doll clothes, like these posts on Facebook, and tweet about my site to friends. I’ve written a YA novel called Sunkist Sodas (tentative title, so far), which will be coming out this spring or summer, so your help in promoting my site is deeply appreciated!

Follow me on FB, Twitter, or just follow this blog to find out more about my upcoming book and my doll clothes giveaways. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the printable pattern and free tutorial for making those cute little elf boots that my Soul doll is wearing. If you go back a few days, you can also find the pattern and tutorial for making her hat as well.

And don’t worry, I’ll also post the downloadable patterns and free tutorials for making her vest, pants, and shirt.

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