FREE Printable Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

Barbie Doll Clothes Free Giveaway
Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for all the doll clothes shown here.

My new format is to use the GALLERY page to access the patterns you want. It’s much easier than using this page. Here’s a link to the gallery, and it offers instructions to make it easier for you to download and print my patterns. You can also find the gallery page link in the top menu.



Doll Clothes for Ken:

Doll Clothes for Barbie:

World of Love Doll Patterns

Patterns for Other Accessories

Twilight Doll Clothes Patterns

Momoko Doll Clothes Patterns

  • Coming SOON!

NOTE: Follow my YouTube Channel to see my video tutorials as I post them.

All of these patterns are also available on the GALLERY page (which is much easier to use).

4 thoughts on “FREE Printable Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns

  1. does any one have Barbie clothes patterns, crocheted or sewn, for 18 INCH Barbie ?

    1. Yes, I do, Crystal. Go to the Gallery page and look for images of the 18 inch Barbie. The patterns I’ve made for my Tonner doll will also fit 18 inch Barbie. Here’s a link to one such image (so you know which doll is 18 inch Barbie):

      You’ll see that my 18-inch Barbie is African American. She also fits in Tonner doll clothes. This is what my Tonner doll looks like:

      So if you look for images of those two dolls on my Gallery page, you’ll find links to patterns that will fit your 18″ Barbie dolls. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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