This photo shows an Ever After High doll wearing black plastic shoes, a green and white plaid mini skirt, and a white sleeveless tank top. Her yellow-blond hair is done up in a messy bun. The watermark reminds us to go to for free printable doll clothes sewing patterns.

Let’s make a St. Patrick’s Day outfit for Ever After High dolls w/free patterns @ #StPatricksDay #EverAfterHighDolls

  For your free pattern and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Today I’m sharing a pattern that has appeared on this website before, but for whatever reason, I keep forgetting to add it to the galleries. On this St. Patrick’s Day, I really do plan to make sure it appears in the galleries, but … Continue reading Let’s make a St. Patrick’s Day outfit for Ever After High dolls w/free patterns @ #StPatricksDay #EverAfterHighDolls

The image shows a pretty fashion doll purse in green, white, black, and yellow. The strap of the doll's purse has green and white stripes. The body of the purse is made of black fabric decorated with green and yellow shamrocks. It's just the right size for 11" to 12" fashion dolls like BarbieDolls, Liv Dolls, Poppy Parkers, Skippers, Francies, Midges, and similar-sized dolls. There's a sign above the purse that says where you can find and download the free printable PDF sewing pattern for this dolls' purse:

Free Fashion Doll Purse Pattern @ for some #StPatricksDay #SewFun

If today’s doll purse project looks familiar, that’s because I have posted this pattern before, but this is the first time I’ve offered it in PDF form. So although I plan to continue posting more information on my upcoming apron project later this week, it is St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m interrupting the doll apron sewing project to bring you this lovely purse project for … Continue reading Free Fashion Doll Purse Pattern @ for some #StPatricksDay #SewFun

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image shows three different patterns for use in making Barbie-sized (11.5-inch fashion doll) skirts in a variety of styles. The free sewing pattern offers the URL, where tutorials offer free instruction for sewing these Barbie-sized dolls' skirts. The pattern is marked with a "creative commons attribution" symbol as well.

It’s #PDFpattern Wednesday @ and our dolls sport the #WearingOfTheGreen for #StPatricksDay!

Are you ready for some more free printable sewing patterns, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day? Here are some skirt patterns that fit a lot of different 11 to 12 inch fashion dolls, like Barbie, the Disney Princesses, Monster High, Ever After High, Lammily, Momoko, and more! As part of my website re-design, I’m trying to convert some of my most popular patterns into … Continue reading It’s #PDFpattern Wednesday @ and our dolls sport the #WearingOfTheGreen for #StPatricksDay!

Merida wears a green plaid dress with short puffy sleeves that have green cuffs. The cotton dress is decorated with plaid black, green, and white colors overlaid with shamrocks. Under her dress, the doll wears handmade bloomers.

#MeMadeMonday: a #StPatricksDay dress for Disney #Princess #dolls @

Happy March, everyone! I posted this dress as a Monster High pattern last St. Patrick’s Day, but imagine my surprise when I discovered that it also fits my new/used Merida Disney Princess doll! Hopefully no one will be upset by the fact that Merida is actually Scottish, not Irish! 😉 It’s just that I stumbled across the fact that she’ll fit in this dress, so … Continue reading #MeMadeMonday: a #StPatricksDay dress for Disney #Princess #dolls @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Free printable sewing pattern for A-line dress to fit small dolls like Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls, Stacie Dolls, La Dee Da dolls, Breyer Rider dolls, and Bratz dolls (among others).

FREE #MonsterHigh #Dolls Dress Pattern @

Here’s the pattern I promised! For easy download, click here. As I said in yesterday’s post, this pattern will fit a lot of different dolls. Look through my Gallery Page to see images of the various dolls in this dress pattern. It will fit: Spin Master La Dee Da 10″ dolls Mattel’s modern Stacie® dolls Mattel’s older Stacie dolls Disney Princess® Tinkerbell 10″ dolls Monster High® regular sized … Continue reading FREE #MonsterHigh #Dolls Dress Pattern @

Image shows an Ever After High doll wearing a black miniskirt dotted with shamrocks, in true St. Patrick's Day style. Over her shamrock miniskirt, the doll wears a simple white sleeveless top. The overlay says, "Do-it-yourself ever after high skirt with free pattern" and the watermark says, "" to indicate where one can find the free printable pattern for the shamrock skirt. This image is displayed as part of a YouTube tutorial for making the shamrock skirt in all its glittery shamrock-ish glory!

Free #EverAfterHigh #Dolls Clothes Patterns @

Are you ready to make some more St. Patrick’s Day holiday crafts for your Ever After High or Monster High dolls? St. Paddy’s Day is still nine days away, and since this St. Patrick’s Day craft project is pretty quick and easy to sew, even those who are new to sewing should be able to get the job done in time! Here’s the pattern for the skirt … Continue reading Free #EverAfterHigh #Dolls Clothes Patterns @

Image shows Fashionista Curvy Barbie wearing a handmade shirt with cap-style sleeves and darts atop a shamrock-printed skirt which is also handmade. Overlay says, "reversible doll shirt" and offers the watermark "" Caption reads: Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Free #Barbie #dolls’ clothes patterns for #StPatricksDay

Are you ready for more St. Patrick’s Day goodies? The outfit displayed on the header of the video above includes a reversible shirt which fits Queens of Africa dolls, Curvy Barbies, Petite Barbies, and regular Barbies, plus it shows a maxi skirt that goes nicely with the reversible shirt. I’ve posted the skirt and shirt patterns and tutorials in the bulleted section below: Here’s the … Continue reading Free #Barbie #dolls’ clothes patterns for #StPatricksDay

The image shows a Mattel Barbie doll wearing a handmade skirt with a ruffle. The cotton fabric used for the skirt is decorated in a Celtic plaid (black, light green, and white) overlaid with bright green shamrocks that measure about 9 mm across. The overlay says, "Free pattern for a fashion doll's skirt" and this image comes from, where you can find hundreds of free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. To download the free printable PDF sewing pattern for making this ruffle skirt for your fashion doll, please click on the link provided in the caption.

Free #craft patterns for #StPatricksDay #dolls @

I know I posted these last year, but it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day again, and the fabrics I used for this skirt are still available at my local JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts store. So why not do a re-post in celebration of the patron saint of Ireland? So once again, here are the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make the easy-peasy felt top and … Continue reading Free #craft patterns for #StPatricksDay #dolls @

Image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie carrying a handmade handbag-style purse made of shamrock fabric. Its lining is made of green and white striped fabric, as is the handle. There's also a free pattern for making the pattern in the image. This pattern includes two pieces: the body of the purse and the purse's strap. It also offers the overlay of the watermark, "" along with instructions for going to Chelly Wood's youtube channel to find a tutorial for making the purse (also free).

Free printable purse pattern for #Barbie® or other #FashionDoll @ #sewing

  If today’s pattern looks familiar, that’s because I posted it back in March. But honestly, I don’t think it got nearly enough attention! I really like the way this simple purse pattern turned out! Not only that, but the video is super easy to follow! And you can’t deny that a purse compliments an outfit so nicely! So tomorrow I’m posting an image of … Continue reading Free printable purse pattern for #Barbie® or other #FashionDoll @ #sewing