Image shows the fabric of a doll's face inside an embroidery hoop, with a lovely blue eye on the doll's face. All around the eye, an embroiderer has used the satin stitch to sort of "paint" the eye, its eyelashes, and an eyebrow. The stitches are very delicate and lovely. Overlay says, "How to do the satin stitch" with a watermark of ""

Satin #Stitch vs. the Surface Satin Stitch for #DIY #Embroidery @

I don’t usually talk in my videos, but in this one, you get to hear my voice for once. As the tutorial’s title implies, this video demonstrates the use of the basic satin stitch, which I used for Smokey the Bear‘s mouth, plus the surface satin stitch, which is also very useful for creating a sort of “painted” look on a doll or soft toy’s … Continue reading Satin #Stitch vs. the Surface Satin Stitch for #DIY #Embroidery @