Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's "Curvy" Barbie wearing a musketeer-style outfit, complete with Renaissance coat, feathered hat, tights, and laced-up boots. She stands in an art gallery with a painting of Romeo and Juliet on the spackled wall behind her. Overlay offers the website where the FREE printable patterns for this outfit can be found:

#Sew a #Dolls’ #Renaissance hat w/FREEpattern

This week I finally released “Act I” of my stop-motion Romeo and Juliet video with dolls. Because it has taken me four years to complete this production, I’m very excited but also feeling a little nostalgic. So this week we’re taking a look back at one of the earliest patterns I offered on, back in 2014, when I first started making my free doll … Continue reading #Sew a #Dolls’ #Renaissance hat w/FREEpattern

Image shows a lined, printable sewing pattern for each of the following: Barbie doll pants, a Barbie-sized elf hat, and a Barbie-sized (1:6 scale) Christmas stocking. Overlay offers the URL "" for patterns and tutorials.

FREE #Christmas #elf hat pattern @

If this pattern looks familiar, that’s because it used to offer only the pants and the Christmas stocking. This year I’ve added the little Elf hat (or Santa hat) that fits many fashion dolls. Take a look at my North Pole Christmas stop-motion video to see all the different dolls that can wear this hat pattern. Tomorrow I’ll post the video tutorial for making this … Continue reading FREE #Christmas #elf hat pattern @

Here we see a Mattel Barbie wearing a wig of dishwater blond curls that coil down her back. She's also wearing a slightly different version of the Basque ball gown pattern from (search for "Basque" to find that yellow dress with tiny red flowers and a snood). On top of this Barbie's head is a burgundy-colored tiara that's framed in wine-colored tulle. It's held on her head by a thin piece of elastic.

Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from

This doll plays the part of Rosaline in my stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet (which I’m still filming). Her dress is a variation on both the Nurse’s costume and the merchant woman’s costume. (Click those links to find patterns and tutorials for those costumes.) However, today I want to focus on her unique tiara. I designed this tiara to look like those hats that … Continue reading Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from

Image of Barbie in medieval clothes, wearing a maroon tiara made of tulle and ribbon.

Make a #Doll #Tiara

During the month of January, I decided to focus on various doll hat patterns and tutorials, just because it seemed like a fun theme. Here’s an image of the doll hat I’ll be making this week: This is a sort of burgundy or maroon tiara, made of tulle, ribbon, fabric, a chenille stem, and foam. It uses an elastic band to hold it on. It’s … Continue reading Make a #Doll #Tiara

Sewing pattern for a cone-shaped princess hat for Barbie dolls

#Sewing #Pattern for a #Princess Hat for Barbie Dolls

Yesterday I showed you an image of what the pointy princess hat will look like when it’s all finished. Tomorrow I’ll be posting the video tutorial showing how to make it. Now here’s the pattern for it. Remember, if you use my patterns, please like it on Facebook, tweet about it, or pin it! I appreciate that! If you’re interested in making the dress that … Continue reading #Sewing #Pattern for a #Princess Hat for Barbie Dolls

Image of Barbie Doll in Cone-shaped Hat

#Princess Hat #Pattern and Video Tutorial

For the rest of this month I’m going to focus on hats. Here’s the hat we’ll be learning how to make this week. Today I’m showing a picture of the final product. Tomorrow I’ll post the pattern. On Wednesday, I’ll give you a DIY Princess Hat video tutorial. This hat’s pretty easy to make, so stick around and you’ll see what I mean! Continue reading #Princess Hat #Pattern and Video Tutorial