The image shows a Hearts for Hearts Girl wearing handmade doll clothes. She stands barefoot next to a ruler / measurement tool. The article associated with this image offers sewing measurements for the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: Measure Hearts for Hearts #dolls for #sewing projects

I love my Kendall Wellie Wisher doll, and this week we’re going to make some pants to fit her. But did you know that the Hearts for Hearts dolls are similar to the Wellie Wishers in size? They absolutely are! I first heard about the Hearts for Hearts Girls a little over a year ago. After I bought my first one and learned how articulated … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: Measure Hearts for Hearts #dolls for #sewing projects

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Free printable sewing patterns for Wellie wishers and hearts4hearts velvet dolls from ideal youtube tutorials. Image shows a Wellie Wisher doll (Kendall) made by the American Girl doll company, wearing a hand-made summer top with rickrack trim. The overlay says, "Summer top for 14" - 16" dolls" and it offers the watermark "" for the URL where the free patterns for this tutorial can be found.

#Sewing tutorial for making #summer clothes for #dolls @

Here’s the tutorial video showing you how to make the rickrack summer top and/or swimsuit cover-up and/or sun dress that fits the Wellie Wishers (approx. 15 inches or 38 cm tall) and Velvet dolls (approx. 16 inches or 40.5 cm tall), as well as the Hearts4Hearts Girls, which stand about 14 inches or 35.5 cm tall. To make this halter top/swimsuit coverup and/or sundress, you’ll need … Continue reading #Sewing tutorial for making #summer clothes for #dolls @