Free sewing patterns fit #LivDolls and #ProjectMc2 #dolls

Back in October, I posted all the patterns for making this adorable outfit. In addition to the Project MC2 dolls, it also fits Spin Master Liv Dolls. I’m guessing it would fit other dolls of similar sizes as well. So without further ado, here are the free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials to fit these very slender, highly articulated dolls: Free printable pattern for shirt … Continue reading Free sewing patterns fit #LivDolls and #ProjectMc2 #dolls

Free pattern for sewing a #dolls #hairdresser smock and #apron at

Today I’m going to share my free, printable patterns and free tutorials for sewing these reversible smocks and aprons, so your fashion dolls will look trendy in their own doll hair salon! When I say “reversible,” what I mean is that you can turn your smock and apron inside-out to look like this: If you look closely, you can see that two different dolls are … Continue reading Free pattern for sewing a #dolls #hairdresser smock and #apron at

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image of Momoko Doll dressed in blue and gold Renaissance gown and veil, with her hands oustretched toward a Breyer model horse who wears a plaid blanket and blue harness. In the background is an iron gate which stands open, leading into a garden.

Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @

Here we see an image of Momoko™ (the doll from the Sekiguchi company) wearing the lovely blue and gold gown from yesterday’s photo of the four-poster bed. Momoko appears to be feeding a Breyer™ horse or touching its muzzle. I cast Momoko as Juliet in my dolling version of Romeo and Juliet, which is still in production. Of course I designed the dress Momoko™ wears in … Continue reading Sew a gown for #MomokoDoll, #Pullip or #BlytheDoll w/free patterns @

Image of Mattel's Tall Barbie from the Fashionista line waving at the camera atop a series of printable sewing patterns. Overlay says "Skirt and Top Patterns for Tall Fashion Dolls" with a note: enlarge the pattern to fit an 8.5x11-inch piece of computer printer paper (without margins) before printing. Mattel's Barbie is a trademark name.

Free Printable #SewingPattern for Tall Barbie Pants @ #DollStagram #sewing

Here we go! This is the shirt pattern everyone has been waiting for, and yes, it fits Mattel’s  Tall Barbie™ from the Fashionista line. Tomorrow I’ll post my sewing tutorial, showing you exactly how to make this cute top, which offers both short and long sleeve variations. Need help printing my patterns? This link will take you to a tutorial showing you how to download my … Continue reading Free Printable #SewingPattern for Tall Barbie Pants @ #DollStagram #sewing

Image of sewing pattern for pencil skirt and heart-shaped bodice for strapless or strappy pencil skirt dress to fit Barbie-sized 11.5 inch fashion dolls. Adaptation allowed for Liv dolls and other dolls with smaller chest measurements. Image includes photo of Barbie doll wearing pencil-skirt-dress with flouncy skirt adaptation in Valentine's Day patterned fabric with a smattering of tiny hearts on the fabric.

Free sewing pattern for #BarbieStyle pencil skirt #Valentines Dress @ #Dollstagram

  As I said yesterday, I’m really behind on my pattern making, but somehow I managed to finish this pattern last night. This is the first of two patterns that are required to make the flouncy-skirt/pencil-skirt dress I showed you yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have time to work on the flouncy part’s pattern some time tonight. If so, I’ll post it tomorrow. Then I’ll offer a … Continue reading Free sewing pattern for #BarbieStyle pencil skirt #Valentines Dress @ #Dollstagram

Image of 18-inch doll wearing white bikini underwear. Overlaying words say, "Sew bikini underpants for 18-inch dolls"

Tutorial w/ FREEpattern: #DIY #doll undies @ #Dollstagram

Here’s the tutorial for yesterday’s pattern post. The pattern will make you a pair of cute little ruffle-bottom bikini underpants for most 18″ dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls. In addition to yesterday’s post, scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the patterns for 18″ dolls (including this dolly bikini undies pattern). Need help printing my patterns? This link will take … Continue reading Tutorial w/ FREEpattern: #DIY #doll undies @ #Dollstagram

Image of eighteen-inch doll wearing white blouse with collar, long sleeves, and cuffs. Overlaying words state, "Sew a shirt for eighteen-inch dolls with free pattern".

Sew a Collared #Shirt for 18″ #Dolls With FREE Patterns from #DIY Tutorial

Last week I gave you Patterns A, C, D, and F for making my long-sleeved, collared dressy shirt with cuffs. This pattern fits 18″ dolls like American Girl dolls and similar-sized dolls. Today I’m posting the video tutorial that shows you how to put it all together. You can find all of my free, printable sewing patterns on this page, and this week I’ll finish … Continue reading Sew a Collared #Shirt for 18″ #Dolls With FREE Patterns from #DIY Tutorial