The pattern displayed on this page is designed to fit the 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girl doll, the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll, and the 16-inch Crissy/Velvet doll from Ideal (Crissy's cousin). This skirt pattern uses an elastic waist and can be sewn using cotton, polyester, denim, or other fabrics. It's a versatile pattern for dolls, fitting dolls of many shapes and sizes. The pattern is one of two free patterns which must be cut out and taped together before you use the pattern for making a doll's "schoolgirl" style skirt for back to school. These and many other patterns are free at, as they use the "creative commons attribution" symbol.

Free doll clothes patterns: #sew a #skirt for 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls

Today’s pattern is the second of a two-piece pattern that I’m posting here for a free download. If you need help downloading and printing my free patterns, visit this tutorial for help. Once you’ve mastered the art of downloading free doll clothes patterns, here are both patterns for easy copy/paste: Pattern 1 for back-to-school skirt Pattern 2 for back-to-school skirt As you’ll see in tomorrow’s … Continue reading Free doll clothes patterns: #sew a #skirt for 14-inch, 15-inch, or 16-inch #dolls

#Sew an easy #PolarFleece hat and scarf w/free #patterns @

In the northern hemisphere, we’re jumping into spring, but our friends in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries below the equator are looking forward to up-coming fall and winter. What better way to say hello to fall and winter than by making an easy-to-sew hat and scarf? This set was actually something I made for my Secret Santa in December, but I forgot … Continue reading #Sew an easy #PolarFleece hat and scarf w/free #patterns @

Visit for free sewing patterns and tutorials. Image shows a person's lower leg and sneaker-covered foot wearing newly-hemmed pants. Overlay reads: How to hem (a tutorial from) FREE sewing patterns and tutorials.

Hem your own pants without a #sewing machine @

When my acquaintances find out how much I love to sew, they often say things like, “I have a pair of pants that need to be hemmed,” or “I have a ripped shirt that needs fixed.” But let me just say that sewing and mending are two different things… Sewing is a creative endeavor; mending is not. It’s more like housework! Mending is when a … Continue reading Hem your own pants without a #sewing machine @

Sew a #Felt Jacket for a #Miniature Doll w/ FREE #Pattern @

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ll be working on for the rest of this week. I’m going to teach you how to make a super-easy jacket for tiny dolls like Mattel’s Chelsea® and similar-sized dolls, using my free jacket pattern (posting tomorrow). Some of these “small dolls” are taller than others, as you’ll see in my videos, so on Friday, I’ll show you how to … Continue reading Sew a #Felt Jacket for a #Miniature Doll w/ FREE #Pattern @

Kelly Doll™, Chelsea™, and Polly Pocket™ #Dolls’ Clothes #Sewing #Patterns are FREE @

Today I’m previewing this week’s tiny doll dress. Again, this is considered an “Easy-Sew Project for Kids,” and it will be posted on my YouTube Channel, ChellyWood1, with all the “Easy-Sew Project for Kids” tutorials. However this dress does include sleeves, so if I was working with a child who was learning to make this dress, I’d consider this a more intermediate doll clothes pattern. … Continue reading Kelly Doll™, Chelsea™, and Polly Pocket™ #Dolls’ Clothes #Sewing #Patterns are FREE @