Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing a bridal veil and one-shoulder-look wedding dress. She leans in until her head touches Ken's in a romantic pose. Ken wears hand-made clothes as well, including a felt jacket, cotton collared shirt, and a tie. They are dressed to the nines in wedding attire. They stand, pressing their heads together in a loving pose, and the overlay says, "Barbie plus Ken equals love" with a plus sign, an equals sign, and a heart emoji. The overlay also includes a website: (the website where you can download free patterns for sewing the entire wedding ensemble for Barbie and ken, including bridesmaids dresses and Ken's suit with dinner jacket (tux style).

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As you’ll see in this preview video, I’ve finally finished designing a dinner jacket for Ken that’s relatively easy to sew, fashionable in design, and actually fits the doll quite nicely. This has been a challenging endeavor, as dinner jackets can be quite difficult to make. The tricky part tends to be the lapels! But I’ve finally figured out how to simplify even the tricky … Continue reading #Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @

In this photograph, a Madame Alexander 18 inch doll models a traditional Swedish costume. This costume includes a little bonnet, a shirt with a collar and cuffs, a lace-up vest, a black skirt, and a folk apron. There's also a traditional Swedish "pocket purse" made of embroidered felt attached to the waistband of the apron. Although it's not pictured here, the costume also includes a neckerchief.

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Today I’m going to give you everything you need–free patterns and links to my tutorials–so you can make the Swedish traditional costume shown above.  The costume was designed to fit my Madame Alexander doll, but a lot of times the MA dolls’ clothes can also fit American Girl dolls as well. Here are the patterns I designed: Pattern A (Bonnet, Vest, and Collar) Pattern B … Continue reading FREE #holiday #craft patterns for 18″ #Dolls @

Image shows a Monster High, Ever After High, and Project MC2 doll, all wearing the same Colonial style long-sleeved shirt with lace cuffs and a wide collar. The overlay says, "Sew a fancy doll shirt" and there's a URL offered:

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Here’s the tutorial that shows how to make my “fancy doll shirt” for very slender dolls like Monster High®, Ever After High®, and Project MC2® dolls. Yesterday I posted the free, printable sewing pattern for both this shirt and the pants shown in the video. This shirt or, more accurately, this tunic, is part of an adorable pirate costume. The hat, shoes, and vest pattern can be found … Continue reading Sew a #fancy #doll shirt #DIY tutorial @