Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing a bridal veil and one-shoulder-look wedding dress. She leans in until her head touches Ken's in a romantic pose. Ken wears hand-made clothes as well, including a felt jacket, cotton collared shirt, and a tie. They are dressed to the nines in wedding attire. They stand, pressing their heads together in a loving pose, and the overlay says, "Barbie plus Ken equals love" with a plus sign, an equals sign, and a heart emoji. The overlay also includes a website: (the website where you can download free patterns for sewing the entire wedding ensemble for Barbie and ken, including bridesmaids dresses and Ken's suit with dinner jacket (tux style).

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As you’ll see in this preview video, I’ve finally finished designing a dinner jacket for Ken that’s relatively easy to sew, fashionable in design, and actually fits the doll quite nicely. This has been a challenging endeavor, as dinner jackets can be quite difficult to make. The tricky part tends to be the lapels! But I’ve finally figured out how to simplify even the tricky … Continue reading #Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @

Visit for more doll play videos and for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie and Mattels petite short barbie standing side by side. Behind them stands a grove of trees. The title of this youtube doll play video header is "Adventures in Paris" and it says this is Part 2. It also offers the URL which it says offers free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

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For those of you who don’t know, a “doll play video” is a video that tells a story from a doll’s point of view. This week I’m featuring Part 2 of “Adventures in Paris,” a doll play video I started after having visited the City of Lights, otherwise known as Paris, France. I found it ironic, while enjoying my one-time vacation in Paris, that near … Continue reading #Paris #Barbie exhibit featured in my #dolls video on Youtube