The image shows a pair of Mary Jane -style shoes. There's a pair in Christmas red and white with a gingham lining in the sole of the shoe, and there's a pair in royal blue with a royal blue lining in the sole of the shoes. If you'd like the free printable PDF patterns for making these Maryjane shoes for your dolls, please click on the link in the caption. These Mary Jane shoes will fit dolls with foot measurements of 4 cm long by 2 cm wide or slightly smaller. I have found that the pattern works for Monster High dolls, Ever After High dolls, Moana 10 inch dolls, and DC Superhero girls dolls.

More thoughts on Monster High/Ever After High Doll Shoes #DIYCrafts #MonsterHighDolls

Last week I gave you my pattern for Mary Jane -style shoes, which I boasted would fit Monster High, Ever After High, Moana, and Kuu Kuu Harajuku dolls. Unfortunately, I misstated. Sorry about that! The pattern for the shoes I gave you on Thursday last week will fit the following dolls only: Monster High female dolls Ever After High female dolls DC Superhero Girls 12 inch dolls I’ve … Continue reading More thoughts on Monster High/Ever After High Doll Shoes #DIYCrafts #MonsterHighDolls

Visit for free, printable doll clothes patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a 16-inch Tonner doll wearing a hand-made business suit, which includes an elegant business-style jacket with darts that create an hourglass figure for the doll. Her jacket has long sleeves, a collar, and it buttons up the front. Its fabric is printed with tiny red and white floral images. The business skirt is a simple blue skirt that is approximately knee length. She wears white pumps and stands before a purple fabric backdrop. Overlay says, "16 to 17 inch (41 centimeters to 43 centimeters) D I Y dolls' clothes" and offers the URL: followed by the motto: FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#Sewing #Tutorial w/FREE Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Here’s the tutorial to match the patterns I’ve posted this week. In short, here’s what you’ll need to make the jacket (or blouse) shown in the video above: Pattern 1: You’ll need the shirt’s front and back, plus the collar from this pattern. Pattern 2: You’ll need the sleeve from this pattern. You’ll notice there’s also a pattern for pants/jeans with the long-sleeve pattern. I’m … Continue reading #Sewing #Tutorial w/FREE Patterns for #Dolls’ Clothes @

Here we see a Mattel Barbie wearing a wig of dishwater blond curls that coil down her back. She's also wearing a slightly different version of the Basque ball gown pattern from (search for "Basque" to find that yellow dress with tiny red flowers and a snood). On top of this Barbie's head is a burgundy-colored tiara that's framed in wine-colored tulle. It's held on her head by a thin piece of elastic.

Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from

This doll plays the part of Rosaline in my stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet (which I’m still filming). Her dress is a variation on both the Nurse’s costume and the merchant woman’s costume. (Click those links to find patterns and tutorials for those costumes.) However, today I want to focus on her unique tiara. I designed this tiara to look like those hats that … Continue reading Make a #Tiara for #Barbie #Dolls with a free pattern from

Header for Sewing Tutorial entitled "How to Make a Doll's Shirt" (found on YouTube)

Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Earlier this week I introduced you to the World of Love doll named Soul, and I explained how she will be playing Benvolio in the upcoming stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. On Wednesday, I shared my pattern for Benvolio’s shirt and pants. I also offered links to the vest, hat, and boots patterns. Today I’m going to hook you up with the video tutorials that … Continue reading Make Sewing #Crafts for Your #Dollhouse Sized Doll or #BreyerHorse Doll

Image of Ken doll wearing romantic blousey shirt with header that reads "Make a romantic shirt for Ken: Sewing tutorial."

#Sew a #Romantic Shirt for Ken #Dolls: YouTube Video Tutorial

Yesterday I gave you the pattern for Ken’s romantic Romeo shirt; now I’m sharing my latest YouTube video tutorial with you. It shows you exactly how to piece together the free, printable pattern I gave you yesterday. Can’t find the pattern? Go to my Doll Patterns page. Wondering why I give stuff away for free? Visit my “Chelly’s Books” page. Continue reading #Sew a #Romantic Shirt for Ken #Dolls: YouTube Video Tutorial

Image of sewing pins and measuring tape overlaying a sewing pattern for a bodice

Top 5 #FashionDoll DIY Websites #Dollstagram #BJD

As my followers know, I love to create DIY projects for my fashion dolls, including Barbie, Momoko, World of Love Dolls, and (soon-to-come) Breyer dolls. Today I’m featuring my list of top 5 fashion doll DIY websites. Of course my own website,, is a good one. That’s a given. But I visit other people’s websites too, and these are some of the best I’ve … Continue reading Top 5 #FashionDoll DIY Websites #Dollstagram #BJD

Image of Barbie doll wearing medieval cone-shaped hat with the words "Sewing Tutorial" overlaid.

#Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Cone-Shaped #Princess Hat for #Barbie Dolls

On Monday, I showed you the image of the final product; on Tuesday I gave you the pattern. Now I’m posting my video tutorial, showing you how to make a cone-shaped princess hat for Barbie dolls. It’s actually pretty easy to make, as you can see. To show your appreciation for my free patterns and tutorials, please like, pin, or tweet about my videos. Thanks! Continue reading #Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Cone-Shaped #Princess Hat for #Barbie Dolls

Free downloadable pattern for Ken doll

Vest Pattern for Ken #Dolls Is Free to Print (Great for #Western Outfits or Groom Costumes)

Here’s the pattern I used for Count Paris’ vest in my Barbie production of Romeo and Juliet on YouTube. Tomorrow I’ll post the video tutorial, so you know exactly how to make this vest. To print the pattern, simply click on it, download it, and enlarge or shrink it to fit on a normal-sized piece of computer paper (with no borders), using Microsoft Word’s “insert … Continue reading Vest Pattern for Ken #Dolls Is Free to Print (Great for #Western Outfits or Groom Costumes)

Doll Clothes Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls

There’s nothing wrong with collecting dolls!

Recently one of my readers complained that she loves dolls–enjoys collecting them–but now that she’s a young adult, her family thinks doll collecting is a waste of her time and money. Well, take it from a grown woman who loves Barbies, there’s nothing wrong with collecting dolls! When I was in high school, I justified my doll obsession by sewing and selling hand-made Barbie doll clothes … Continue reading There’s nothing wrong with collecting dolls!