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Image of sewing pins and measuring tape overlaying a sewing pattern for a bodice
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As my followers know, I love to create DIY projects for my fashion dolls, including Barbie, Momoko, World of Love Dolls, and (soon-to-come) Breyer dolls. Today I’m featuring my list of top 5 fashion doll DIY websites.

Of course my own website,, is a good one. That’s a given. But I visit other people’s websites too, and these are some of the best I’ve found:

#1: My Froggie Stuff — You might have already seen this lady’s fabbity-fab-fab fabulous videos on YouTube. She teaches you how to make everything from doll wigs, to furniture, to entire dioramas. She makes easy-to-follow videos for creating your own DIY doll clothes, and her dolls make cameos in her videos with spunk and lively comedy. Her videos are top-notch!

#2: Sticka Till Barbie — Everybody loves free stuff, right? Sticka Till Barbie offers gobs of free crochet patterns in Swedish, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.  They offer patterns for other dolls, too, not just Barbies.

#3: Antique Lilac — Martha Boers’ specialty is ball-jointed dolls, but Antique Lilac has lots of free patterns and tutorials, for everything from doll wigs, to shoes, to fairy wings. She even shows you how to make your own doll stand for outdoor photography, and she offers tips on taking good photos of your dolls. She really has a website worth bookmarking!

#4: Quality Vintage Doll Patterns — Do you wish you still had those patterns your grandmother bought to make you Barbie clothes back in the day? This website offers a plethora of vintage doll patterns for Barbie, Crissy, Bluette, Chatty Cathy, Shirley Temple dolls, and much, much more. Patterns are not free, but they’re very reasonably priced.

#5: Lola’s Mini Homes — This website offers giveaways, tutorials, and an opportunity to spotlight your own creations. Their specialty is creating dollhouses and miniatures from cardboard and papier-mâché. The projects range from simple furnishings to complex, multi-story dollhouses. It’s a great place for Barbie diorama fans to get creative project ideas.


Do you have a doll website you’d like to mention in the comments? Please feel free to do so.

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