Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows a pink bear plush toy (plushie or plushy) wearing a tulle tutu. She has big, floppy ears. Her fuzzy muzzle makes her face really cute with a big black nose and surrounded by clever eyes. The toy is made of cotton fabric, felt, and fake fur. This craft project comes with a free printable downloadable pattern found at (search for the gallery page).

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This week we’ll be making this super easy-to-sew bear plushie (in the US, we would say “stuffed animal” or “soft toy” depending on the region you’re from). This little bear has been made using a cotton fabric quarter with polka dot print, pink and black felt, and a small swatch of fake fur fabric. I think you could easily make the bear out of any … Continue reading #Sew a #bear #plushie #toy w/FREE pattern @