Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the video tutorial on this one, folks, as it was one of the earliest videos I made. It goes back a long way, but it is still one of my most popular videos on my YouTube channel, coming in at #9 among all of my doll clothes/ doll diorama DIY project tutorials. I actually have a whole series of … Continue reading Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

Image of 1:6 scale doll armoire/cabinet filled with tiny miniatures. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Armoire Repaint".

#DIY #Dollhouse Furniture Repaint Tutorial @

Repainting doll furniture isn’t as easy as you might think. How do you keep from painting windows and handles, for example? This video shows you the tips and tricks I’ve learned from all my doll collecting, diorama-expert friends and colleagues. Here’s a link to a similar armoire, which you can buy on Amazon or eBay. The Gloria Dollhouse Furniture sets are, of course, in 1:6 … Continue reading #DIY #Dollhouse Furniture Repaint Tutorial @