Tips and tricks for making your own #OOAKdoll @ #dollstagram #instadoll

For all of my regular followers, I must explain… This website has been in limbo for most of the month of March, while I went without a computer at home. Mine crashed! But all of those Barbie patterns I was working on right before the crash have been salvaged, and I plan to post them here soon. So stick with me to get more patterns … Continue reading Tips and tricks for making your own #OOAKdoll @ #dollstagram #instadoll

Image of Christi Doll (African-American Barbie doll) dressed in dress, pinafore, apron, and bonnet, and wearing a natural-hair wig.

#BlackBarbie Plays #Juliet’s nurse in doll version of #RomeAndJuliet @

Before people get all in-my-face about an African-American doll playing a servant in my upcoming stop-motion film of Romeo and Juliet with dolls, let me remind you that Romeo’s cousin, Benvolio, is also played by an AA doll, as is Friar Laurence. I felt it was important to include characters of African heritage in the cast of this play because, as everyone knows, people of African heritage … Continue reading #BlackBarbie Plays #Juliet’s nurse in doll version of #RomeAndJuliet @

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll wearing custom-made African American doll wig with overlay that says "best doll wigs ever!"

I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls

As the video says, I recently bought a Liv Doll who really needed a new wig. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the work of this doll wig designer at Tabloach Productions! At first I was a little nervous about sending two Liv Dolls in the US Postal Service to be fitted for wigs. I thought, “What if I never get my dolls back? Or … Continue reading I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls

Image of African American doll with natural afro hair under a cap. Doll is wearing medieval garb.

Who is your favorite #AfricanAmerican doll? Leave a comment @

This is “Soul” from Hasbro’s World of Love doll collection. She has always been my favorite African American doll, even though she’s only moderately articulated. Why do I love this doll so much? She brings me happy memories of my childhood! When I was growing up in the early 1970’s, dolls who really looked African American were unheard-of. True, they had Barbies who were dark complected, … Continue reading Who is your favorite #AfricanAmerican doll? Leave a comment @