In this photo, three images are featured. The first (upper left) shows orange, blue, yellow, and green miniature doll-sized buttons; the second (lower left) displays a jumble of wiry parts which when assembled, will be used as clasps to hold a doll's overall straps to the overall's bib; the third is a row of 3 inch (76 mm) zippers. This third image takes up most of the left quadrant of the turquoise blue linen frame. Then, in the lower left quadrant, we see the Chelly Wood dot com logo.

On this page, you’ll find my affiliate marketing links to doll-sized buttons, buckles, zippers, and clasps for your dolls, regardless of their size. I also have links to Velcro below.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

For snaps, please click on this link.

To learn more about which sizes you want for which dolls, I recommend reading this blog post. Leave a comment, if you need further guidance. I can always write another blog post!

Buttons and button-making tools:

Button-making tools:

Buckle Clasps for Overalls:

Belt buckles and other clasping closures:


(With Velcro, it’s almost impossible to find sew-on Velcro smaller than these two sizes, so if you need it smaller, just trim pieces to the sizes you need.)


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