12 Miniature Stocking Caps for Tiny Dolls in Winter Colors


“Winter coat” colored mini stocking caps

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The top row of tiny stocking caps shows the following colors: dark grey; light grey with a white pom-pom; black with a grey pom-pom; burgundy with a white pom-pom; sunflower yellow with a tan pom-pom; navy blue. The second (bottom) row of tiny knitted stocking caps includes (left to right) a light grey cap with tiny pink pom-pom; a burgundy stocking cap; a navy blue with pale pink stocking cap; a black stocking cap with tiny white pom-pom; pale blue; and burgundy with a tiny black pom-pom.

There’s a whole big story behind these tiny stocking caps! You can read more about them in this blog post.

Please remember that shipping will be added, to cover the cost of my mailing envelope and the postage, at a fee of $7.99 (the average of what it has been costing me to ship handmade items here in the US).

I put this collection together because each of these stocking caps is made of a color that would make a great doll-sized winter coat!

Note: neither the pink nor the blue cutting mat is included in the order, but is pictured to help demonstrate how very tiny these little stocking caps actually are. The pink cutting mat shows inches; the blue one shows centimeter squares.

The photo at the bottom (scroll down) shows a vintage Skipper doll modeling one of these stocking caps. The Skipper doll and her clothing are not part of the items for sale. The twelve stocking caps you’re buying are pictured in the image at the top of the page.

Statement from a happy customer who received her tiny stocking caps: “Received my order today. These caps are just so perfect and so cute! I tried one on my tiny bisque baby and just had to send you a picture! God bless the lady who made them!”

We see a vintage Skipper form the waist up. She wears a black and white gingham shirt or dress (sleeveless) with a black stocking cap that has a little white pom-pom at the very top.


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