Sew a ghost costume for Chelsea (Barbie’s little sister) with today’s free patterns!

A tiny Chelsea doll or a similar-sized doll is going trick-or-treating for Halloween. She wears a little felt ghost costume with they eyes cut out. She carries a pumpkin-shaped candy basket. She appears to be wearing her ghost costume over a dress of blue printed fabric. Click on the link in the caption, and it will take you to a page where you can download and print all the free printable sewing patterns for making these doll clothes, along with links to tutorial videos that show you how to make this outfit.
Please click here for all the patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make this outfit:

Please scroll to the very bottom of this page for today’s free ghost costume pattern.

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m afraid this is a repeat post, but this little ghost pattern gets a lot of downloads at Halloween time each year. So here you go!

Last week on Friday, I gave you my free, printable PDF sewing pattern for making the little pumpkin Halloween candy basket, which you see in the images above and below…

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pattern for the felt cat mask, felt mittens, felt tail pattern, and felt pumpkin / jack-o-lantern candy basket that are shown in the image of a fashion doll wearing a cat costume and carrying a jack-o-lantern candy basket for Halloween celebrations. This pattern, and the video tutorial that shows how to make it (along with all the free sewing patterns) are found at
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

And as you can see in the image above, there’s also a Halloween cat costume available, and it will fit Barbie and similar-sized dolls. Click here to find that outfit.

But what about the ghost costume that was pictured with the Pumpkin candy bucket? Hang on… just read a little bit more, and I’ll get to that…

As my regular followers know, I teach an online course in pattern alterations. An alteration is when you take a pattern for one item and turn it into another. For example, what if you took today’s ghost costume for Chelsea dolls and turned it into a cactus?

Believe it or not, pattern alteration isn’t difficult at all. Let me show you how easy it can be… For more details on how to make the cactus version of today’s ghost costume, just click here. This is just one example of simple pattern alteration.

This image shows a Mattel Chelsea doll wearing a handmade Halloween costume or school play costume. The free pattern that offers for making a ghost costume was used to make this little cactus adaptation. Click on the link in the caption to read the directions for making your own cactus costume for miniature dolls like Chelsea and other 5-inch dolls.
And that’s it!

I suppose you could use the ghost pattern to make other characters… sew it out of yellow felt and make an orange mane for a lion costume, for example. Use your imagination to come up with any variations that suit you.

If your significant other is struggling to figure out what to buy you for Christmas this year, maybe think about asking him/her/them to purchase my online alteration class. It takes up no room in your house or apartment, and you get a lot for your money!

This image shows four rows of artist's renderings of doll clothing items. The top row shows four different styles of pants. The second row shows four different styles of shirts. The third row shows four different styles of skirts. The fourth row shows four different styles of dresses, with skirts in long, short, and mid-length styles. The text reads at the top, "Classes in Doll Clothing Design" followed by this paragraph: "Have you ever wished you could create patterns of your own? Click on the links to Chelly's online courses below, to learn more about her paid courses in doll clothing pattern design techniques." If you sign up for one of Chelly Wood's Creative Spark online courses, you can create a doll wardrobe to suit dolls of any shape and size. Find out more at

Here’s a link to my bio page, where you can see what classes I’m offering on the Creative Spark online learning platform, and you can look at the prices for each course.

Now, with that said, if you’d like to make today’s ghost costume (or an alteration of it), what you’ll need is simply a bit of craft felt.

And that’s all!

Which dolls will this ghost costume fit?

Free patterns and tutorial videos for making this outfit:


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