Let’s Do a Pick — Go Trick-or-Treating with Barbie in your VW Bus! (It’s 1970!) #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

If you weren’t alive in 1970, then you probably think the early 70’s were all about hippies and Woodstock. But actually, my childhood included some of the same Halloween adventures that kids today experience, like dressing up as a Ballerina, a nurse, or a favorite character from movies and TV shows. My favorite Barbie playtime cousin’s family actually did have a Volkswagen bus, and we often went trick-or-treating together.

Today’s “do a pick” game gives you three options from the 1970 Living Barbie and Living Skipper brochure, and for today’s adventure, you and a cousin pick out Barbie’s Halloween costumes. In a fun twist, you and your Barbie get to wear identical Halloween costumes too!

Your options are…

Click on the links I’ve provided above, to see the original Mattel vintage dolls’ costumes, which were probably not originally intended for Halloween at all (but that’s how my cousin and I used to play with them).

What’s the premise behind “Let’s do a pick” games? When I was a kid, any time I got together with friends, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.”

That’s where you take turns picking which doll or dolls you’ll play with and which outfits or accessories you’ll play with.

My “Do a Pick” #shorts videos let you choose from three outfits or dolls you could pick for your playtime fun — in this case we’re picking outfits that would be fun to dress your Barbie dolls up in, during the Halloween and harvest season for trick-or-treating.

Join the adventure! Leave your “pick” in the comments!

If you want to view more of the “Do a Pick” games on my website, this link will take you to the page where I’ve posted all of them.

If you’re interested in taking one of my doll clothing design courses on the Creative Spark online learning platform, you’ll find this link helpful.

My “Do a Pick” games are made for adult doll collectors of vintage dolls, vintage doll clothes, and vintage doll accessories.

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Brochure Citation: Savannah Productions, Inc, 1970, Living Barbie and Living Skipper, [Brochure]. Mattel, Inc. (1970).

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  1. I’ll go with the harem outfit! Funny though, the cousin that I played with wasn’t a Barbie lover, we were more apt to be found playing in the mud. I played Barbies with my neighbor Bruce. He would have loved this game!

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