Let’s Do a Pick — Take your Barbie Dolls to a Square Dance!


If you weren’t alive in 1972, then you probably think the early 70’s were all about hippies and Woodstock. But actually, pioneers were in fashion, and a favorite TV show for family viewing was Little House on the Prairie.

I remember my parents participating in square dancing as a fun event for couples, and it was very popular from 1972 all the way through 1980-something.

Today’s “Do a Pick” game features the following outfits and dolls, for you to take to a family square dance outing:

Please click on the links above to see the original dolls and their outfits!

What’s the story behind this game?

When I was a kid, whenever it was playtime with dolls, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.”

That’s where you take turns picking which doll or dolls you’ll play with and which outfits or accessories you’ll get to play with. Your playtime companion would take a turn picking her dolls, clothes, and accessories too.

My #DoApick shorts on My YouTube Channel are a blast from the past! They let you choose from retro dolls and their clothing items and/or accessories, while imagining a fun playtime adventure from a bygone era.

Join the fun! Leave your “pick” in the comments!

And if you want to see all my “Do a Pick” shorts in one spot, this page on my website is a good location to visit.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Do a Pick — Take your Barbie Dolls to a Square Dance!

  1. Omg…this brings back memories…my parents divorced in the mid-60’s a year or 2 before I turned 10. I remember them going square dancing before that happened. After that, they each remarried and I remember visiting my father and stepmother at one time and realizing they also went square dancing. My stepmother had this pole-type hat rack in the corner of their bedroom that had all these different colored huge petticoats for her different skirts/dresses that she had made. She made most of her outfits with his matching shirts also. I thought that was awesome.

  2. Not only was I alive in 1972, in 1968 as a teenager I was in a play, as a square dancer! I wore a lovely pink gingham gown! Great memories. I pick Skipper in her cute outfit. 😍

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