Doll of the Day: Lammily

Two Lammily dolls face each other with Roman style arches behind them. The doll in the foreground is Lammily's "photographer" doll, an African American doll with a black afro hairstyle, a white gathered top, a turquoise colored mini skirt, and the doll holds a camera. Just beyond her is Lammily's "Traveler" doll dressed in a white flowing toga, with a gold belt. Her hair is done up in a high bun, with gold ribbons. She holds a yellow-gold wooden lyre. The text says, "Lammily," and below that, "Doll of the Day."
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Today’s “Doll of the Day” image is the Lammily doll.

Do you have one? Do you wish you did?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and memories regarding these dolls in the comments section.

If you’re wondering why today’s blog post is so short, please read the blog post entitled, “Please keep me in your prayers!”

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