Let’s Do a Pick — Playing a role in The Mod Squad #ModSquad #DoApick #vintageDollCollector


When I was a kid, whenever it was playtime with dolls, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.”

That’s where you take turns picking which doll or dolls you’ll play with and which outfits or accessories you’ll get to play with. Your playtime companion would take a turn picking her dolls, clothes, and accessories too.

Today’s “Do a Pick” game features the following:

For a quick view of all my #DoApick shorts, go to My YouTube Channel and scroll down the channel’s main page to my #Shorts videos.

Join the fun! Leave your “pick” in the comments, either here on ChellyWood.com or on my channel!

At the end of today’s Do-a-Pick #Shorts video, I mentioned my new class on the Creative Spark Online Learning Platform. To learn how you can design your own doll pants, leggings, jeans, and overalls, please click here.

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Brochure Citation: Mattel, 1970, LIVING BARBIE AND LIVING SKIPPER, [Brochure]. Mattel Inc. (1970).

3 thoughts on “Let’s Do a Pick — Playing a role in The Mod Squad #ModSquad #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

  1. Probably everybody would want to play Julie with Barbie, and I thought I would pick that, but the more I think about it, the more I think I’d want to play Pete Cochran with Ken in “Play it Cool” because I love that camel colored pea coat and plaid pants.

    1. I would have picked Brad in “Bold Gold,” as Lincoln Hayes, even back when I was a kid. That’s because I wasn’t allowed to have African American dolls during my childhood, due to my father’s racist attitudes. 😞

      Because I was denied this, any time I could play with Black dolls, I did. And today I have a significant collection of them! One of my favorites is my Lieutenant Uhura from Mego’s Star Trek action figures. Nichelle Nichols was one of my childhood heroes! ❤️

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