June 1971 Barbie at the beach… Let’s Do a Pick!– a fun game with Barbie! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

Like yesterday’s post, this one is dedicated to my followers who live in the southern half of the planet because it’s summertime “down under”!!!

Let me explain the premise behind this game:

When I was a kid, whenever it was playtime with dolls, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.”

That’s where you take turns picking which doll or dolls you’ll play with and which outfits or accessories you’ll get to play with. Your playtime companion would take a turn picking her dolls, clothes, and accessories too.

Today’s “Do a Pick” game features the following:

My #DoApick shorts on My YouTube Channel are a blast from the past! They let you choose from retro dolls and their clothing items and/or accessories, while imagining a fun playtime adventure from a bygone era.

Join the fun! Leave your “pick” in the comments!

Watch for future installments of the “Do a Pick” game in the weeks to come!

(For those of you who regularly enjoy my sewing tutorials, don’t worry… I haven’t given up sewing tutorials forever. I’m a little behind though, and this series of game shorts will give me a chance to catch up!)

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4 thoughts on “June 1971 Barbie at the beach… Let’s Do a Pick!– a fun game with Barbie! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

    1. In all honesty, my cousin and I used to argue over who would get to play with the scuba gear. I would have picked “Scuba Do’s” as well, but my favorite play-time cousin would have been vying for first pick on a trip like this one! She would have wanted the scuba gear too!

  1. Still own the dress of now knit as it was on the only Barbie my Mom kept from my childhood. Amazing to see all these and the beach one is most fitting of course for some beach time for Barbie!

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