This thumbnail shows a cloud-shaped 1970's style rainbow in the colors yellow, blue, green, and purple, superimposed on the usual purple cotton fabric background frame that Chelly Wood dot com often uses for its thumbnails. This frame surrounds a cell phone with a photo of a vintage Barbie wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt over a swimsuit. The vintage Barbie pictured also holds a scuba mask and snorkel. The text reads "Do a Pick" at the beach! If you click on this image in the gallery, it will take you to the "Do a Pick" game where you get to choose which Barbie to take to the beach.

June 1971 Barbie at the beach… Let’s Do a Pick!– a fun game with Barbie! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

Like yesterday’s post, this one is dedicated to my followers who live in the southern half of the planet because it’s summertime “down under”!!! Let me explain the premise behind this game: When I was a kid, whenever it was playtime with dolls, we would lay out all our dolls and their clothing items. Then we would “do a pick.” That’s where you take turns … Continue reading June 1971 Barbie at the beach… Let’s Do a Pick!– a fun game with Barbie! #DoApick #vintageDollCollector

Image of a Ken doll wearing muffin cap, medieval bi-colored pants, boots, a cape, and puff-sleeves.

#Sew a Puff-Sleeve Shirt for #Ken or #BarbieDoll

The picture below shows my Ken doll dressed as Count Paris for my up-coming YouTube production of Romeo and Juliet. This week I’ll show you how to make his puff-sleeve shirt, his bi-colored trousers, and his vest. I also have YouTube videos that demonstrate how to make his boots, his muffin cap, and a cape for Ken, as well as a DIY tutorial for making swords … Continue reading #Sew a Puff-Sleeve Shirt for #Ken or #BarbieDoll