Update on my Creative Spark class: #Design #DollClothes

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll which has been re-designed as an OOAK doll to look like Chelly Wood the doll clothing designer, blogger, and YouTuber) and she is holding up a clipboard in 1:6 scale. The clipboard has a tiny piece of graph paper on it, with scribbled writing and check marks. The Liv doll wears handmade doll clothes including pants with an elastic waist, a long-sleeve shirt, and an apron. The doll's dyed-grey hair is held up in a bun with an octopus clip. Behind her is a purple backdrop with the ChellyWood.com logo hanging on it.

Hi guys! I bet you’ve heard by now that I’ll be teaching a design-your-own-doll-clothes course with C&T Publishing on their Creative Spark Online Learning platform.

The last time I brought this up, many of you said that cost would be a factor in your decision to purchase a class in doll clothing design techniques. So what I’ve done is broken my class into three sections.

That way they’ll be smaller bites of information, and as such, they will be offered for a smaller fee than some of the longer classes on the Creative Spark platform.

One thing to think about is this: you can ask a family member to buy the course for you as a Christmas gift (for those of you who do celebrate Christmas).

Here’s what I’d like to know, though… Which of these smaller, bite-sized courses would interest you most? Detailed explanations are found at the bottom.

Please vote!

  • How to alter doll clothes patterns: In this class, I will teach you how to alter the doll clothes patterns you already own. We’ll combine a bodice and skirt to form a dress, mix and match pants and aprons to form overalls, and we’ll learn how to make different types of sleeves.
  • How to re-size doll-clothes patterns: Have you ever found a Skipper pattern that you liked so much, that you wished it could fit Barbie? Or an American Girl doll dress you wish could fit your Wellie Wisher? This class will teach you how to re-size a pattern for one doll, so it fits another doll of a different size (but of a similar body type).
  • How to design doll clothes patterns from scratch: It sounds challenging, but my methods are so simple! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to design your own doll clothes patterns from beginning to end, with basic tools most families have at home. And my methods will work for dolls of any shape or size, whether they’re vintage, or new, pudgy baby dolls, or sleek and slender fashion dolls, soft-bodied or plastic…

If you want to hear about my class on Creative Spark when it is available, please go to C&T Publishing‘s Creative Spark page; scroll down to the bottom, and sign up for their newsletter. Or just follow me on YouTube. Once the class is available for sign-ups, I’ll be adding that to the description below all of my tutorial videos on YouTube.

And of course, I’ll mention it here on ChellyWood.com as well.

Feel free to add a comment regarding the classes I’ve mentioned in the poll. I really want to provide content that inspires your creativity!

4 thoughts on “Update on my Creative Spark class: #Design #DollClothes

  1. When will the classes be offered? I am specifically interested in the re-sizing of existing patterns. Thanks! Amy

    1. We’re hoping to have all the filming and editing done by December this year. At the very latest, the first class should be available in January.

  2. I am looking forward to your class because I truly appreciate your free patterns. I voted for re-sizing rather than from scratch or how to alter because doll clothes are just miniatures of people clothes. I have 6 different size/type dolls I want to sew for and although I have purchased plenty of patterns I want to be able to do it from a picture using the patterns I already have since patterns keep getting more expensive and I try not to go over a certain price range unless I absolutely have to. So whether you split your class or keep it as one class I will be attending all even though I am not familiar with the platform, if it’s pretty much like Craftsy or others I can participate. Thank you so much for your free patterns.

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