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Here we see the Chelly Wood doll holding up the See and Sew Pattern number B5414, published by Butterick in 2009. The front of the doll pattern shows two different 18 inch dolls wearing a.) the sweat pants suit with the bathrobe worn over the top and b.) the holiday dress with black velvet bodice and crinoline or other fancy fabric for the white skirt portion. The watermark reminds us that this pattern's review can be found at ChellyWood.com

On this website, I get frequent requests for new patterns to fit 18 inch dolls. One request that pops up more often than others is a request for pajamas and a bathrobe.

When I get these requests, I remind my followers that such patterns exist, and they’re not that hard to find! Today’s pattern review for the See & Sew B5414 is one such pattern.

You can buy it on eBay, even though Butterick is no longer producing it, and the See & Sew brand — like the Simplicity brand — is well-known for it’s easy-to-follow instructions. So I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who’s searching for pajamas and/or a bathrobe pattern for their 18 inch dolls (like American Girl dolls, Journey Girls, Adora Amazing Girls, etc…).

Now this pattern’s pajama set is really just a sweatshirt with a mock turtleneck collar and a pair of elastic-waist, elastic-ankle sweat pants, which you can clearly see on the back of the See & Sew B5414 pattern:

Here we see the hand drawn images of the five pattern items offered by the See and Sew pattern B5414. They include a short-sleeved dress with round collar and gathered skirt; a mock turtleneck collar sweatshirt; a pair of sweat pants with elastic at the waist and ankles; a pair of slippers; a bathrobe with waist tie belt, folded collar, and bias tape edging. There's a watermark that says "Chelly Wood" on this image, to remind us that the review for this pattern is found at ChellyWood.com

But it does come with a pattern for slippers as well, which is awesome! Not only that, but the dress in this pattern package seems very versatile and simple to make.

If I were using my flowers system to determine the difficulty of this pattern, I’d give it three flowers, which makes it about average, keeping in mind that if you’re going to use jersey fabrics for the sweat pants, you’ll need a walking foot for your sewing machine.

One last thing about this pattern: if you’re planning to buy used patterns on eBay, I recommend reading this blog post before you do so. That way you won’t be too disappointed by the pattern that arrives after your purchase.

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