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Here we see the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll that has been re-envisioned) holding up the Sew-Easy Patterns by Advance vintage Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Barbie doll clothes sewing pattern #2895. The topic of today's discussion is about how the bridal veils in Barbie wedding dress patterns are really floppy and hard to keep on the doll's head during play time. In this image, we see that the bridal veil for this particular pattern looks like a silk flower with a circle of tulle attached to it. The watermark on this image reminds us that the article was written by doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood.

The biggest problem with Barbie doll wedding dresses is making a veil that actually stays on the doll’s head!

Let’s have a good look at my “Sew-Easy Patterns by Advance” vintage Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Barbie doll clothes sewing pattern #2895. This is a prime example of how the patterns for Barbie wedding dresses (if they include a veil pattern at all) never seem to make a veil that’s easy for kids to play with.

This image shows Sew-Easy Patterns by Advance vintage Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Barbie doll clothes sewing pattern #2895, which includes patterns for 1. Bridal Gown, 2. Dress and Jacket, 3. Afternoon Dress, 4. Engagement Dress, 5. Nightgown, and 6. Peignor.

On this pattern, we see a lovely puff-sleeve wedding dress with lace trim, but the veil appears to be just a silk flower attached to a circle of tulle. It’s an easy-to-sew pattern for a veil — I’ll give you that — but how is a child supposed to play with it?

The minute Barbie goes down the aisle, that veil is going to come flying off!

Now this pattern from my collection is truly vintage. So it’s missing some pieces, including (unfortunately) the directions for making the veil.

However, the back of the pattern calls it “Barbie’s crown” and suggests that the sewist purchase 1/4 yard of “novelty veiling.”

I don’t see any elastic mentioned in the notions. So how does this veil stay on the doll’s head? I guarantee you, it doesn’t.

I remember playing “wedding day” with my cousin, Virginia (my favorite childhood Barbie buddy), and we always complained about the veils that came with our wedding dresses. We would chuck them in the garbage and make our own, every time!

And our own veils either included chenille stems (AKA pipe cleaners) or rubber bands as a means of affixing the veil to the doll’s head somehow. We would sew a rubber band right on the veil or flip the veil around a chenille stem to try to create a layered look for the veil.

When I designed my wedding dress for Tall Barbie, I kept this in mind. Let’s have a look at that wedding dress project:

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's fashionista tall Barbie dressed in a wedding gown with veil and Mattel's fashionista Ken wearing a handmade felt dinner jacket with lapels, a collared dress shirt, a tie, and black pants/trousers. The two dolls stand in an elegant but simple 1:6 scale diorama that includes a window on one wall, a bust of a musician, and a pillar with climbing vines surrounding it. The two dolls seem to look at one another lovingly, as two dolls who are very much in love on their wedding day! In the lower-right corner of the image, a watermark says, " free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

For my veil, I created a headband by wrapping a chenille stem with white ribbon, and then I simply attached a swatch of lace to the headband. This keeps the veil in place no matter how much fun the bride his having at her wedding party!

To see my patterns and tutorials for making this wedding dress and veil ensemble, click here. And please note: although this set has only been available as a JPG image on my website up until now, my plan is to convert this wedding set to PDF this week, for easy printing.

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