How to Find Free Doll Clothes Patterns Online and… Changes Are Underway at #SewingBlog #SummerProjects

This website is best known for its free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes. It also offers free printable sewing patterns for craft projects and free tutorial videos for embroidery. (Click those links for easy access.)

The tutorial at the top of this page is designed to help you navigate’s current layout, using your desktop or laptop computer.

If you’re more comfortable using a cell phone / smartphone / tablet / mobile device, please click here to watch that tutorial video instead.

My regular followers are already aware that this site went through a navigational makeover in 2019, and I spent that year installing click-through directories. The tutorial at the top of this page explains how to use those directories to find the patterns you’re looking for.

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (designed to look like the real Chelly Wood, a doll clothing designer) seated at her computer in an office setting. The screen shows the URL of Chelly's website: Beside the computer, on Chelly's des, there is a stack of old-fashioned library books because in Chelly's day job, she works as a school librarian. On the wall behind Chelly's computer, we see a painting of Notre Dame cathedral because Chelly also speaks French.

However any time you re-design a website, there will be glitches.

From time to time, my followers will still find links that don’t work or patterns that download as the wrong thing (or patterns that are missing pieces), so if you stumble across these errors, please leave a comment on the page in question, describing what the problem is.

My older patterns, which are only available as a JPG (graphic) image, still cause newcomers to this website a lot of confusion, but I’ve been slowly converting all those old patterns to PDFs. This process takes time, though, so please be patient and know that I am working on it.

For anyone who needs to make a JPG graphic image of a pattern printable, please visit this link for help.

And in case you hadn’t heard, my literary agent has arranged to have me teach classes on C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform some time during the year ahead. However the editor at C&T has suggested the website could use a bit of an update, so you will see changes being made to address that.

If the directory you’re used to using suddenly looks a little different, that could be why. Try not to panic!

All of my free patterns and images will be using this new logo starting this week, as well:

Logo image for shows a bodice pattern with the name "ChellyWood" embedded within it.

My oldest daughter, who is studying Marketing at Idaho State University, designed my new logo. I’ve always felt like the original logo, with its “dusty rose” shade of pink for the flowers and dull tan for the words, was a bit too drab:

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

You may have noticed that the colors on my YouTube channel’s video headers have changed to purple and turquoise blue lately as well:

Here we see the pastel-colored heading for a video that demonstrates how to sew a Victorian dress (pioneer-style dress) for 14 to 15 inch dolls. The text on this video overlay also tells where you can go to download your free patterns: and it shows a pretty image of a Wellie Wisher doll from American Girl posing in a check gingham fabric long dress with long sleeves. The sleeves are puffy at the top just a bit, in a true 19th century style. The dress itself is free of frills and reminds us of Laura Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. To download your free printable PDF sewing patterns for making this beautiful long gown for your 14 or 15 inch dolls, please go to

This is all part of the new look, as I transition to a more modern style and format for this site.

The idea behind the website update is to:

  1. Make navigation even easier to understand
  2. Make the website look appealing on tablets, cell phones, and desktop computers too
  3. Use a color scheme that’s eye-catching and appealing to visitors of all ages
  4. Modernize the aesthetic appeal of the site

So this is a good thing!

And just in case you were worried about it, the work I’m doing with C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform is not intended to jeopardize the free patterns offered at this website. Rather, I’m hoping it will give you, my regular followers, an opportunity to expand your understanding of doll clothes design techniques — quite a separate concept from this website’s overall theme — taking your doll clothes sewing skills to a whole new level!

However (as I learned in 2019), a website remodel requires a lot of focus on my part, so I may only offer one new pattern a week over the summer months. And you may see re-posts of older blog postings from time to time as well. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes, but please don’t give up on me! When the renovations are over, I’ll get right back into my rhythm!

Meanwhile, as news comes in about my upcoming class with C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform, I’ll post updates here, and you should also hear more and more about it on my YouTube channel. So if you’re interested in taking my classes, please consider following this website or subscribing to my YouTube channel for those updates. Furthermore, you can always navigate over the C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform to sign up for their newsletter as well.


4 thoughts on “How to Find Free Doll Clothes Patterns Online and… Changes Are Underway at #SewingBlog #SummerProjects

  1. I love your free patterns and tutorials, tips and how to locate items not available at craft or sewing stores. I mentioned this to a friend that is a doll mender, She is looking for somebody that can sew periods clothes for her like victorian clothes. I told her I will keep an eye out, but I gave her your website info. Thanks. Awesome as always. PS. Another friend gave me several sheets of leather 12×12 approximately I would love to donate it to you who knows how to work with it. 🙂

    1. I have sewn a leather “Davy Crockett” outfit for Ken before, way back in the 1980’s. It can be challenging to work with.

      But if you’re serious about sending me some leather, my address is:

      Chelly Wood
      P.O. Box 45
      Buhl, ID 83355 (USA)

      I do get donated dolls from time to time, in my PO box. People hope that if they send me a doll, I’ll design some clothes for it. And I usually do!

  2. HI, I tried a skirt using the elastic in the casing by hand, it worked great Thank you 🙂

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