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This image is a screenshot of the Barbie gallery page, showing all the sewing patterns Chelly Wood has designed to fit just the Mattel Made-to-Move and regular Barbie dolls. There are probably close to 50 outfits pictured here. Some are marked with a star, and all of these photos represent free patterns found on the website of free patterns. To learn more about what the star means (it appears on a small portion of the photos) please visit and search for Chelly's New Year's goals for 2021. The article that accompanies this image celebrates Chelly Wood's accomplishments at creating a library of free doll clothes sewing patterns, but it also helps her set her New Year's resolution to convert JPG patterns to PDFs for easier downloads for all who frequent this website.

As I type this blog post, it is 1 January 2021. Yes, I type up my blog posts at least one week before they go public on this website. So you might be wondering what the image at the top of this page is all about…

It’s a celebration of all I’ve accomplished in 2020, and this blog post is also a public declaration of my goals for 2021.

In 2019, I re-designed this website to make it easier to click through the gallery home page into sub-galleries. With these changes, visitors who stumbled across my website were able to find the free printable sewing patterns they really wanted with less “image load time.”

In 2020, I began the monumental task of converting all of my older patterns — which are only offered as JPG images — into easy-to-download free printable PDF sewing patterns.

The yellow stars scattered throughout the gallery screenshot at the top of this page indicate which Barbie patterns are currently offered as PDFs on my website.


Of the 46 Barbie-sized outfits pictured on this page, I managed to convert only 16 of them to PDF formats in 2020.

And this is just ONE PAGE of the 14 pages of gallery screenshots I’ve put together as part of my goal for 2021. The 14 pages include many 10 inch doll clothes galleries (like Skipper, Monster High, Curvy Barbie, Francie, and Disney Princess fashion dolls, for a few examples).

I’ve printed out these screenshots of the galleries and placed stars on all the doll clothes that have already been converted to PDFs. My printed screenshot pages are in black and white, but it’s still a pretty good record of what still needs to be converted.

Image shows a stack of papers with doll photos in a gallery. Red Sharpie marker has been written over the top of the images with notes that say things like "Needs tutorial updated" and random thoughts like that.

I really wanted to convert all of the patterns here to PDFs in 2020, but such a goal just isn’t feasible, since I work a full-time job as a school librarian. Besides, I really only run this website as a labor of love on the weekends and holidays.

So I’m going to set a reasonable goal for 2021… I’ll convert at least one pattern to PDF format per week. Some weeks I’ll convert two patterns to PDFs. And I’ll mix it up — working with Francie one week and Petite Barbie another week, etc. — so you, my blog followers, aren’t seeing duplicates of the same patterns over and over again in my Monday through Friday blog posts.

As I’ve worked to convert my patterns throughout 2020, I’ve run across quite a few glitches too.

Here we see where Chelly Wood has written on a gallery page "pants need an updated tutorial" in red Sharpie marker.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

So I’ve added a few hand-written notes to my gallery screenshot pages. That way, when I get a chance, I can correct any errors I find or have found.

Here’s what you can do to help: if you’ve ever found a pattern that doesn’t load, needs an updated tutorial, has an error, leads to the wrong page, etc. please leave a comment!

Thank you to all of the people who have helped me locate these errors among the hundreds of free printable sewing patterns on this website. Keep up the good work!

And may your 2021 be filled with many wonderful sewing adventures!


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  1. To help in file conversions I downloaded a program called ReaConverter. I tried the free version but wanted to be able to do more than a few files at a time and do a folder all at once. It is really great and time saving. I don’t remember what the cost was, but it couldn’t have been very expensive.
    I also want to thank you for your wonderful patterns. I’m 66 and still enjoy making doll clothes.

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