This photograph shows the Chelly Wood doll clothing designer doll measuring Skipper's arm with a tiny 1:6 scale tape measure. Skipper extends her arm while the Chelly Wood doll looks at the tape measure to determine how long Skipper's arm is from the underarm to the wrist. Skipper stands barefoot in a swimsuit beside Chelly Wood's tiny 1:6 scale sewing desk. On the desk, a Creatable World doll is seated, waiting her turn for measurements. The creatable World doll seems to be wearing a training bra and panties. Their legs are crossed so the CW doll leans back on the sewing table elegantly. Behind them is a dress form, ironing board, and a tiny window. There's also a miniature china hutch filled with fabric. This is clearly a teeny-tiny doll sewing room. All the dolls seem to be having fun as they prepare for a new wardrobe that fits both Skipper and the Creatable World doll. If you'd like to see the wardrobe of free printable sewing patterns that Chelly Wood has designed for either Skipper dolls or Creatable World dolls, please visit and click on the 10 inch doll size from the main Home page gallery.

Creatable World Doll Sewing Measurements (Comparing Them to Skipper) @ #CreatableWorld #TapeMeasureTuesday

Every now and then, someone will ask me which doll clothes patterns I recommend for the Creatable World dolls. As you’ll see in this #TapeMeasure Tuesday feature, their measurements are truly unique among dolls, but they most closely match Mattel’s Skipper dolls. So I recommend searching for modern Skipper patterns, if you’re sewing a wardrobe for Creatable World dolls. Vintage Skipper dolls have different measurements, … Continue reading Creatable World Doll Sewing Measurements (Comparing Them to Skipper) @ #CreatableWorld #TapeMeasureTuesday