How to Choose Fabric for Making Doll Clothes #Sewing #HolidayCrafts #SewingTipTuesday

I grew up in a family full of seamstresses. So to me, shopping for fabric was no more difficult than buying a piece of candy at a convenience store.

But to the absolute beginner, the cutting counter at a fabric store can seem a little daunting.

I designed this step-by-step guide for buying doll clothes fabric, keeping in mind that some people are brand new to fabric stores. This tutorial walks you through concepts like reading the information on the end of a bolt of fabric, how to buy fabrics that look good together, and it even offers tips on ways to find clearance deals and small cuts of fabric that are ideal for making dolls’ clothes.

This blog is a re-post, but since yesterday’s sewing chat was about how you choose your fabrics, I thought it would be a good time to re-post this older — but relevant — tutorial video.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose Fabric for Making Doll Clothes #Sewing #HolidayCrafts #SewingTipTuesday

  1. Where do you order your buttons,buckles and ect for their clothes. Also I am having a hard time finding fabrics or iron on with wording small enough to add to their clothes.

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