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The image shows the preview of an online communications lessons with graphics which can be purchased for teaching school at Chelly Wood's Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Here's the link to the store: The preview shows images of cell phone clipart, iPad clipart, and a lesson on abbreviations.
Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store at this link:

The image above shows a preview of my first paid product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, online.

My regular followers know that I haven’t been charging for my sewing patterns, but I work full time as a school librarian in my day job. I’d like to continue to offer free doll clothes and craft sewing patterns for everyone who follows my website and YouTube channel, but like everyone else, I’m going to need a steady income too.

I’m set to retire from my job as a school librarian in the next five years, so I’ve decided it’s time to earn a little money to help give me a good head start as my retirement approaches. Yes, I have a pension coming, but I work in Idaho, where teachers (and librarians) don’t make a lot of money compared to other US states. So when I retire, I may find that I won’t have enough pension money for maintaining this website without a side income.

That’s why I’ve opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, and I’m going to put up for sale the various classroom and library assignments I’ve created over the 20+ years I’ve spent in the field of education.

If you really appreciate for all of its free printable sewing patterns, please help me launch my Teachers Pay Teachers store by sharing the images in this blog post on Facebook, on your Pinterest Boards, on Twitter, and on any other venues you use for online sharing.

Your shares, likes, and pins will help me get my TpT store off the ground, and my ultimate goal is to use the income from my TpT store to fund this website’s expenses, like:

  • $300 per year for the Pro WordPress website fee (I have too many graphic images — patterns — for a regular account on this website, so I had to start paying for the pro account last summer)
  • $260 per year for Animoto, the software that I use for making my tutorial videos
  • $60 per year for iClipart, which I use for making my own ads, some blog posts, and tutorial videos
  • $50 per year for advertisements on Facebook and Pinterest

If you’d like to know how much money I earn from my YouTube channel and my website’s advertisements, you can see an open-and-honest breakdown of that income on the Chelly’s Books page.

So please help! When you see a #TeacherTuesday item on this site, take just a moment to pin the images, tweet about the images, or share the images in some other way. It will help this website remain in business, even after I retire!

Thank you!

Online Communications Document Cover for ChellyWood Dot Com
Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store at this link:


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