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In a purple room with a window, we see an Ever After High doll (same size as a Monster High doll) wearing what appears to be medical scrubs: a pair of pull-on pants with a short-sleeved shirt and a matching pair of Toms-style shoes. Click on the link in the caption, and it will take you to a page where you can download and print all the free printable sewing patterns for making these doll clothes, along with links to tutorial videos that show you how to make this outfit.

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets.

I’ve given you these patterns before, but not in this combination.

Today’s patterns and tutorial will show you how to make scrubs for your Ever After High doll, as shown in the image above. When you print the pants pattern, please note that you’ll be making the “tapered leg” pants/jeans for this project. You can follow the tutorial for the straight-leg jeans / pants because they’re basically made the same way, but you’ll want to cut out the tapered leg pattern to make your pants look like the ones in the image above.

I do have a pattern for MH/EAH shoes that’s in the works, but it’s not perfected yet. I’m hoping to get it done by Christmas 2020. Check the doll shoes gallery after December 2020 to see if you can find my shoe pattern.

Today’s patterns will fit these dolls:

Here are your free, printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making the outfit shown at the top of this page:

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The image shows a pants or jeans pattern for dolls with a 14 cm or 5 and a half inch inseam. These are three different pattern styles including a boot cut jean, a tapered leg pants, and a straight-leg style of pants. The Watermark on the pattern says which is also where you can download and print this pattern as a PDF sewing pattern document. also offers a free sewing tutorial video showing how to sew these pants for your doll's wardrobe.
Visit for free printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.


Monster High and Ever After High dolls are products offered by Mattel, which holds the registered trademark for them (™). Please visit the Mattel Toys website to learn more about their company and its trademarked toys.

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